5 Reasons Why Manatal Will Transform The Way You Recruit

Discover why Manatal is the ATS for you and your company

Manatal offers unique features which helps you to hire better candidates in a faster way while saving money. Let see how Manatal can do that for you.

1. Easy To Access

This may seem obvious, but the vast majority of ATS solutions are tricky and require hours of practice master. In contrast, Manatal is so easy to use that our clients typically require just one demo session and 15 minutes of practice during their free trial to understand how everything works. That’s 15 minutes weighed against hours and even days saved. Manatal strives to make your daily tasks easier and more manageable.

2. Enrichment Tool

This unique feature represents an innovative breakthrough that will overhaul your candidate search. Research related to candidates’ social media can take hours. Manatal does this for you in seconds. Simply create a new candidate profile and Manatal will efficiently populate its social media data with a confidence level based on the information provided.

3. Recommendation System

The objective of this feature is not unlike that of the previous one: to get things done faster and in a more efficient manner. Manatal’s recommendation system will compare, score and sort candidate profiles according to the required skills and other core criteria for each job (to know more, please read How to Fill a Position Faster?). Those with higher scores represent better fits. While the recommendation system isn’t intended as a direct substitute for personally reviewing applications and profiles, it serves as a helpful and objective guide that will save you a great deal of time.

4. Multiple Ways of Sourcing

Manatal offers multiple avenues for finding candidates and importing them into your database. You can use more traditional methods such as manually adding your candidates by form or by uploading their CVs directly. You may also utilize employees referrals by creating a customized career portal directly through Manatal. Finally, you can really start by saving time by importing candidate profiles directly from LinkedIn.

5. Personalized and Accessible Customer Support

One of the major setbacks of many ATS solutions relates to customer support. As explained in the first point, ATS platforms can be hard to use and often lack critical support for those dealing with time-sensitive matters. We at Manatal make an extended effort to ensure that we are there to help when a client is in need. We provide extensive documentation, email and phone support, as well as a chatbot so that whenever you have a question or doubt, Manatal has an answer.

These are 5 reasons Manatal transforms the way you recruit. Begin your 14-day free trial now to discover the remaining 100!

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