2019, A New Year And Many New Things To come

What can we expect from 2019?

2018 has come to an end and Manatal is coming at you, bigger and better than ever. Are you ready for some big changes?

Time for evaluation

It’s time to look over your shoulder and think about the past year. You’ve probably recruited many new talents — some good, some great. You’ve probably made some important improvements to your recruitment strategy and the way you interact with new candidates. You may have even accomplished everything you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year. Now, think about what more can be done going forward.

Do you think your teams are better harmonized than before? Have you managed to shorten the amount of time between the point of first contact and onboarding of new candidates? Do you think your hiring team works and communicates more efficiently now that you’ve began using your ATS?

All of these questions are critical and now is the right time to ponder their answers.

New innovations at Manatal

The year to come will be full of changes and new innovations. You can look forward to a growing number of exciting and powerful features, enhanced security, and better support.

Some of the many new additions to Manatal include:

Portal Integration: post your jobs on multiple job portals at once, in a single click

Smart Emailing: harness the power of an in-app email system to centralize communication with your candidates, and configure automatically triggered, event-based emails so you never miss a beat

Easy Recruitment: look forward to a bunch of new tools to help recruiters interact directly with their clients and follow top candidates more closely

Many of these features are just around the corner. Many more are fast approaching. Be ready!

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