The Intersection of Recruiters and Recruiting Technology

Now, the relationship between recruiters and technology sometimes feel a little unsimple. On the other hand, as recruiting technology evolves, the company has an increase in tools at their disposal to improve how they source, engage, assess, and interview an applicant.

This technology can automate like sorting through piles of resumes to find the most qualified candidates and providing recruiting teams with accurate analytics and insights to make the best hires. So, recruiters can use HR tools and technology to increase productivity and stay competitive. Here’s how you can use current technology and tools to increase the recruitment.

The modern recruitment

Modern tools like Manatal are a must as well. Tools that are user-friendly and enable analytics at all stages of the process. It helps us pull more complex data and statistics on all stages of the recruitment process and optimize the elements that need to be improved. So, qualitative metrics are an important part of our analysis too. We work on improving the quality of performance, based on an applicant experience surveys.

Recruitment Practices – A balance between people and technology

Technology particularly an applicant tracking system—is a great resource for supplementing aspects of the recruitment process. For the first, it helps you sort through mounds of applications and pinpoint the best-fitting candidates. But, there are personal elements of your candidates beyond their skills and accomplishments that can’t be measured by a computer, such as values, personal motivations, career aspirations, etc.

Furthermore, technology clearly plays a role in the recruitment process. A recruiter who is supplemented by technology to streamline and automate key tasks is better equipped to make important to hiring decisions.

1. Candidate profiles       

Effective candidate profiles will help you easily to keep track of candidates and have a summary of their profiles. It is also important to have access to the history of these candidates, ie: jobs they apply in the past, reasons why they weer dropped…

2. Structured interview steps and communication tools

A structured interview process and internal communication tool (by which all candidates can be ranked and tracked throughout their different interviews) will ensure recruiters and hiring managers are on the same page and gain the detailed information they need to make the right hiring decision.

This is how we built Manatal, let me introduce you our solution: is a cloud-based ATS software which will help you to hire better candidates in a faster way while spending less. It’s totally new and unique features represent a breakthrough in the ATS market. Let me explain why we think is the best online recruiting platform.

First, has all the basic functionalities of every traditional recruitment software. You can add candidates through very different ways (from LinkedIn, by parsing a CV, by filling out a form), you can easily manage them in the pipeline through the recruitment process, save all information related to them, the jobs and the process, you find all the reports you need on what you and your team have done. But even here, it is different from the rest of the competition. It is so easy to use: in 15 minutes you and your team can handle the software, and if you have a question, you can directly ask us through our chat live.

Our solution fits for everyone. For a small and medium company, we offer a SaaS package with all our functionalities starting from $15USD with a 14-day free trial. Please visit our website or contact us for a demo.

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