4 Tips to Catch Gen Z Stars

Just when recruiters and HR managers have become familiar with recruiting Millennials, another group has begun to step into the working field. Generation Z, following Millennials (also known as Generation Y), refers to people who were born starting from the mid-1990s.

Many Generation Zers prefer real work experience to in-class education. They are eager to try internships and part-time jobs while they’re still in school. Soon after graduation, they are pumped up and ambitious to start their career.

Gen Z brings a new dynamic to the workforce, and they are ready to go at any time. The question is: are you ready for them? Here are some tips to help you hire Generation Z talents in a smarter way.

  • Brand Management

Money is no longer the primary attraction for Generation Z people. Compared to Millennials, they place more value on a company’s culture: whether it has workforce diversity, a health and wellness plan, social responsibility, and company vision. They expect to work where they can identify with their company’s brand.

  • Tech-friendly Environment

Generation Zers often called “digital natives”, have always lived in a time when the internet was flourishing. In their world, the Cloud isn’t something in the sky and an Apple doesn’t grow on a tree. Technology comes naturally to Gen Zers, and they have the intuitive capability to pick up new tech in no time. To accommodate the iGeneration, you should provide a tech-friendly space. Update your software, supply modern hardware, and offer up-to-date technical training. Gen Z will make efficient use of it and bring solid returns on the investment.

  • Flexibility

This is a generation that consumes massive amounts of information and exhibits high self-awareness. Simply put, they are independent and self-sufficient workers at all levels. Instead of putting down strict office rules, you should provide more flexibility for your Gen Z talents. Simplify your onboarding process. Let them head home early when their jobs are done. Assign them a variety of tasks to challenge themselves. But note that sometimes Gen Zers can be a bit too individualistic for their own good. You should encourage them to communicate more with their teammates and have frequent team gatherings.

  • Strategic Recruitment

Now you have acquired some knowledge about Generation Z, you should adapt your recruiting methods to better suit them. For example, frequent updates and positive reviews on your company’s career platforms make 70% of Gen Zers more willing to apply for the job. That is where Manatal can help to showcase a clear-cut Career Portal and advertise your jobs to most modern job sites.

A 2018 survey shows that 80% of Gen Z candidates prefer companies to share information about job opportunities through email. With Manatal’s inbox tool you can use templates to easily send information and self-scheduled interviews. Just remember to keep your email contents short and clear. Make sure they are easy to read on mobile phones, where Gen Z pays most attention.      

Note that these are just some general suggestions for you to bring Generation Z closer. You’ll have to adapt to changing conditions if you want to keep attracting the freshest section of the job market. Prepare yourself by investing in a good recruiting tool. Manatal is ready to support all your recruiting needs.

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