Recruiting Funnel: here is what you should know

Behind every filled position are effort and time spent on searching, digging, and hiring the talents. There is a procedure you can follow regarding recruiting. Understanding your recruiting funnel gives you a chance to perform professionally and wisely.

This article will lay some ground knowledge about what, why, and how you should know about your recruiting funnel.

The 5 phases of recruiting funnel

  • Employment Prospect:

At this stage, talent seekers reach out to candidates, especially the ones who passively look for jobs. To increase job awareness and establish a company brand, you need to send out a clear message and be consistent with it. It’s all about attracting candidates to your funnel.

  • Searching and Talent Pool:

Choosing the right sourcing channel is crucial here. Many recruiters have adopted not only traditional ways (filling forms and uploading CVs)  but using technological way to enlarge their talent pool. For example, you can easily reach out to thousands of candidates in one click with Manatal’s sourcing feature. Also, Manatal’s enrichment tool allows you to automatically collect applicants’ social media profiles and resume’s information. Enlarging your talent database has never been easier.

  • Candidate Experience:

After receiving applications from candidates, it’s time to examine them all. To filter out the less qualified applicants, you need to have evaluation criteria. At this point, your recruiting funnel starts narrowing.

  • Candidate Selection:

In this phase, you have to pick out the best candidate for the role. A smart and time-saving tool will help you focus on the most competent applicants. For example, by using Manatal’s AI-based recommendation tool, you are recommended with higher score candidates to fit in the position.  This is one of the most used functions in our software.

  • Hire and Follow-up:

You end this hiring process by hiring the chosen candidate. However, take some time to review the recruiting process. Find out your weak points and make adjustments for next time.

Now that you have learned about recruiting channel, it’s time to make good use of it. We have some tips for you to sustain a well-functioning recruiting funnel.

Tips for you to keep recruiting funnel running

  • Smart tools:

Using the right tools can not only make your hiring process more efficient but also help cut down recruiting budget if needed. For instance, Manatal’s Applicants Tracking System enables you to reach out to thousands of candidates, auto-score out qualified candidates, and manage teamwork painlessly.

  • Mutual information and transparent communication:

Don’t forget that HR departments and recruiting agencies are not the only parties in this funnel. Keep information open and mutual with your prospects. Constant conversation is the key to create a great candidate’s experience.

  • Team collaboration:

Hiring is not only one man’s job but a beneficial result from team collaboration. Instead of bossing around the whole time, let your team members give advice and take the lead sometimes.

  • Spot indication and make adjustments:

Use the data you collect during the process and examine the outcome after the hiring stage. You’re likely to find out which part of the funnel shows weakness. It’s a good chance for you to identify problems and make improvements to generate better results next time.

It certainly takes time and practice to understand and boost your recruiting funnel. Keep the hard work going. Manatal is here for you anytime.

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