6 Best Strategies for Remote Hiring Using Recruitment ATS

6 Best Strategies for Remote Hiring Using Recruitment ATS

It’s official. Even Forbes mentioned that 74% of professionals expect remote work will become a common standard– even after the pandemic!

According to the study, those 74% believe that remote work will become the “new normal”. Additionally, even 76% of interviewed entrepreneurs shared the same sentiments. This indicates that there will be massive changes to both traditional office spaces and co-working spaces in the future.

As a concrete example, tech behemoths Twitter and Slack have announced that they gave their employees the option to work from home permanently. That’s a decision that proves how serious they’re taking the concept of remote work.

That said, the same goes for remote hiring. As recruiters, more and more employees are expecting to work from home and will continue to do so amidst the gravity of the pandemic. It’s safe to say that they prefer to conduct job applications at a safe distance, too.

The Growing Importance of Recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Having a recruitment ATS has never been more in-demand. Recruitment agencies are currently keener to source and engage candidates and maintain a positive relationship with existing employees regardless of location and work set-up. 

Recruiters are integrating remote hiring into their operations to adapt to the said new normal and sustain their efforts in bringing in top talents into the company. Why? It reaps a lot of benefits for the organization in several ways.

To name some, it improves the candidate experience by a mile. Instead of urging them to go to the office physically, the recruiting process can be conducted online– at the comfort of their home.

With things readily available on the web, you can streamline your operations so that it will be smooth-sailing for interested applicants. From the job application to the skill assessment down to the onboarding phase– you name it!

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Next, remote hiring can do wonders for your company diversity. Now that you’re sourcing for applicants even outside of your office’s geographical area, this brings lots of opportunities to work with diverse people. 

This diversity greatly improves the productivity and creativity of the workforce. With new ideas here and there, it’s very likely to reach new heights as you become innovative. As if that’s not fruitful enough, it can also develop your employer branding and company culture!

6 Best Strategies for Remote Hiring Using Recruitment ATS

The key here is using cloud-based recruitment applicant tracking systems– like Manatal! With powerful and capable recruiting software in place, the business can easily devise a hiring solution to continually provide qualified candidates through and through, albeit remotely.

To that end, it’s necessary to strategize how to maximize the recruitment ATS to give you full privileges to the benefits it brings. Remote hiring can be challenging for some, but this recruiting software can make it easier. Here are some strategies that you should consider:

Post on multiple platforms

With your recruitment software, it’s possible to post on multiple channels with just a single click. With its powerful capabilities, you can source multiple candidates and funnel all incoming applications into a centralized platform.

Manatal allows you to post on several job boards such as Indeed, JobsDB, Monster, Linkedin, and many more. You can also cross-post it on social media, where most of the younger markets are.

Additionally, you can even create a branded career page to attract and create a bigger talent pool. Bottom line, use remote hiring to gather as many candidates as you can!

Be more open to company diversity

With remote hiring in place, it allows you to get applicants from all over. Regardless of location, recruiters can now consider getting in touch with people of various backgrounds.

Be more open to company diversity! You’ll be surprised how well it can impact your organization. You won’t get stuck with the same idea or strategy as before. With new (and diverse) members on board, you’ll be hearing fresh concepts. Some of which might be radical enough to give your company the innovation it needs.

Use different tools to screen candidates

Remote hiring can be tricky as you won’t be there physically to assess a candidate fully. However, there are tools that you can utilize to have a better screening procedure.

Let’s take Manatal’s social media enrichment tool as an example. With this nifty feature, you can use a candidate’s social media accounts to get to know them better on a professional level.

It takes relevant information from those sites and adds it to your ATS database. This way, you’ll have a better understanding if they are a right fit for the position or not.

Furthermore, the AI-powered Manatal can recommend candidates based on their scores. These scores pertain to job matches such as experience, skills, educational level, etc.

These two are useful when integrating remote hiring into your recruitment operations!

Keep them engaged

The beauty of a recruitment ATS is that everything you need is readily available on a single-viewing page. This will be helpful for you to know the status of candidates and what you should do moving forward.

Create a strategy on how you can keep them engaged at all times. This will show that you care for each applicant, and this will make them more likely to join your company if the offer is appealing enough for them. 

Improve your employer branding through your career page

With prospective employees only basing your company online, you have to make sure that your company is enticing enough. You can do this by improving your employer branding through your career page.

Manatal has a free career page builder that’s simple to use and customize. You can make it your own and provide details that prove how awesome it is to work for your business.

We wrote a guide on how to create a stunning career page using your recruitment ATS. You should give it a read to fully understand.

Ensure a great candidate experience

Last but not least, ensure a great candidate experience throughout. As mentioned above, remote hiring makes it convenient for both the recruiter and the candidate to do the whole hiring process online.

Take advantage of this scenario and keep things streamlined seamlessly. You can do things by putting yourself in the shoes of the applicant. Here are some questions worth considering:

  • – Who are my target applicants? Should I have a translation for them in their language?
  • – How will the application process go? How can I make it easy for them?
  • – What will be the timeframe for the whole process? What’s my expected time-to-fill?

A handy recruitment ATS like Manatal can help with that. Once you optimize where you post your job ads, you’ll get all incoming applications into your system.

Then, you just have to engage with them, send an email, arrange an interview, and invite relevant people (e.g. hiring managers) to collaborate with you. No need to sift through multiple tabs just to conduct your daily endeavors!

Remote hiring can be tricky, but it’s very advantageous if played correctly. Follow these 6 best strategies using Manatal, and you’ll have smooth sailing operations with high impact for sure.

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