The Business Impact of Recruitment ATS on the Hiring Process

The Business Impact of Recruitment ATS on the Hiring Process

According to Capterra, 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say their recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS) or recruiting software has positively impacted their hiring process. Have you ever wondered why and how? 

What is Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? 

We all know that recruitment ATS or applicant tracking systems are essential in today’s modern hiring approach. There’s just too much stuff with only a few resources. This helps businesses solve that problem.

That is why people are now opting to use such recruitment software to be more efficient. And being more efficient equates to maximum productivity.

In a nutshell, using an ATS helps streamline the entire recruitment process. This provides end-to-end solutions. Ultimately, aiding talent acquisition professionals in their search for qualified candidates.

It rids of the need to manually do things. With just a few clicks, you can recruit and source candidates easily. You can do job ad posts on multiple channels and funnel all incoming applications into a centralized platform.

Additionally, it enables users to:

  • – Bolsters collaboration and communication among team members
  • – Improves candidate experience
  • – Helps hiring managers be up to date with what’s happening
  • – Provides a long-term solution for storing data and resumes (especially cloud-based applicant tracking software)
  • – Recommends applicants via AI-powered technology
  • – Automates tasks by screening and parsing CVs
  • – Gives insights on in-depth reports and analytics useful for modifying hiring research and strategy
  • – Allows the user to create a free career page (especially advanced recruitment software like Manatal)
  • – and many more!

With all these in mind, they make hiring much easier and save recruit teams time and effort. All without compromising the overall success of companies!

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Let’s jump right in on the implications it has on the business.

Recruitment ATS and its Business Impact on the Hiring Process

The applicant tracking software leads you to quality candidates better and faster

That is the main focus of any recruitment ATS: to lead you to top talents in no time. However, not just any talent, but quality ones. With the option to source candidates on multiple channels conveniently, recruiters can gather applications easily.

Manatal allows you to post on premium job boards (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.) when you subscribe. This is a must-have. A lot of people refer to this kind of site for job hunting. This is alongside social media and career pages.

With less time in seeking applicants, recruiters can leverage the saved time to direct their attention on the human aspect of the job. This includes thorough character screening to place proper culture fit. Ensuring that quality hire via performance assessment is a plus.

It gives higher ROI

Businesses are all about numbers. Don’t just focus on the HR, marketing, or other fronts of the organization. Looking at finances is an obligation, too! Whatever action you take must increase your revenue.

Using an ATS can bring higher ROI. How? You could bring in great and trusted employees. Your staff is key to a successful business. You have to choose carefully who to onboard and take care of them.

The result will be outstanding, and it will reflect on your earnings and the duration of tenureship.

Recruitment ATS helps the employer in the decision-making processes

ATS can assist in the decision-making process by giving recruiters a clearer idea on the right fit.

Manatal has the AI-powered capability to screen candidates and score them through job match. After that, it automatically shows you recommendations on jobs.

This helps you save screening hours. And, it displays a good and accurate sign that this person is worth hiring!

Some advanced cloud-based ATS perpetuate sustainability

One of the many benefits that many people overlook is the cloud-based feature. It’s very essential for sustainability. Especially if you’re growing or if you want to grow as a business.

Eventually, there will come a time where you will be flooded with information, resumes, and more. With a good ATS like Manatal, all these will be stored online safely on the cloud. You have access to this anytime and anywhere in case you need to backtrack certain things.

Here’s a scenario: you are looking for a market research specialist. You can source for new candidates, but your purple squirrel might already be in your database talent pool. You simply have to look it up, and there you have it! You have a list of prospects that can fill the vacancy.

This will yield faster recruitment processes. You already have what you need under your fingertips. Their CV, availability, salary expectations, skills, and even comments from hiring managers. You just need to contact them!

And, in the recruitment world, if you are fast, it means you get to reach top talents quicker than your competitors! The early bird catches the worm as they say.

Provides comprehensive reports to propel company hiring strategy

Last but definitely not least, it helps you modify your future hiring strategies carefully. You can expect that software like Manatal provides in-depth reports and analytics to keep track of your KPIs.

Why is this helpful to know?

It helps you predict hiring trends

Hiring trends differ from company to company. It’s nice to follow what others are doing. However, it’s also going to be advantageous if you have your own prediction that works for you.

Just look at your data-driven facts. These are real figures and statistics that you can take advantage of for an accurate prediction.

It shows you what is effective and what is not

There are a lot of recruiting metrics and other categories to take note of. However, with these reports, you know exactly what to focus on. Modify your strategy accordingly and avoid those that tend to hurt your chances of getting top candidates.

Verdict: It’s a yes for the business to utilize applicant tracking systems!

In conclusion, using such a tool can help companies achieve milestones like never before. With all these benefits, it is clear that it can provide:

  • – higher revenue
  • – securing quality hires
  • – ensuring company fit
  • – having long-term employees

You just have to know how to maximize it well to reap its rewards.

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