Digitizing Recruitment in the Tech World: The SaaS path to successful hiring

It always feels as though digitizing any aspect of the tech industry is a matter that does not require discussion given that tech and all that is digital go hand in hand. However, as the tech world is more complex and diverse than any other industry, a lot of the functionalities on the business end of it all remain as traditional as they were before.

This isn’t necessarily about a lack of oversight. It’s simply that functions such as recruitment and staffing in each industry require a specific approach that touches on the various needs of the industry. Assessing candidates, the value of their experience, and skillsets are all evaluated differently by each company. 

The tech industry refers to all companies and firms whose operations relate to the research, development, and/or distribution of technologically based goods and services. This covers the development of all tools and technologies utilized across every sector or throughout daily life.

The key to simplifying recruitment is to adopt a SaaS that covers these industry-specific needs and turns a traditional recruitment model into a fitting process for tech companies.

As such, we’ve looked to the tech world for all the aspects that Manatal’s cloud-based ATS introduces, covers, or improves upon.

Security & crisis recovery

As a business evolves throughout its lifecycle, data becomes the fuel that keeps it running. Over time, more and more data is processed, and businesses are left with an always-rising accumulation of valuable information that is always at risk of being lost, hacked, or otherwise jeopardized.

Losing data in one of these manners can be catastrophic for a business, affect its work continuity, and even put its various processes at risk of shutting down. 

But the data issue doesn’t exist for lack of solutions. In fact, solutions addressing this very issue spawned hundreds more covering different aspects of any tech business’ data needs.

One of the main benefits of Manatal’s cloud-based SaaS lies in its security and crisis recovery functions. While otherwise storing data on physical drives or in traditional formats, switching to a cloud-based system ensures that your data is secure in case unexpected trouble is around the corner. Crisis recovery refers to a set of functions that allow users to access and generate saved data after it was lost, by backtracking to the latest version or update. 

What does that mean for recruitment?

The convoluted nature of the tech world, especially when it comes to staffing and hiring is due to the complex qualifications and talents that go into each role. This means a lot of candidate information and profiles are inevitable, even for SMEs. Sometimes, a single role can take hundreds of profiles to fill, to find that perfect fit.

Even once the role is filled, data such as candidate applications, resumes and profiles remain invaluable in this industry. It makes no sense to discard such information when it can be leveraged later on to source and vet potential employees. While a lot of companies still store such data in the form of spreadsheets on their hard drives, critical recruitment can grind to a halt if crucial data is lost at any point throughout the process.

Manatal’s Cloud-based ATS ensures that recruitment data is securely stored and accessible around the clock. Not only that, but crisis recovery functions are in place to ensure that even when disaster strikes, recruitment can continue uninterrupted. It’s the first and most important step to fully digitizing the hiring process.

The social approach

Normally, the social aspect of any employee’s life would have no part to play in the workplace, save for the cooperative and collaborative atmosphere that teams often succeed at creating. 

Nevertheless, the Tech industry relies on social networks and platforms that could incidentally entice or turn away potential employers. Stumbling upon a candidate’s previous projects or personal work on LinkedIn, for example, can be advantageous to them. 

We created the social media enrichment function to help employers cover all angles and make informed hiring decisions (Supporting platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, and many others). But it also allows the discovery of role-specific capabilities, industry knowledge, and practical advantages over other candidates by sourcing their profiles from tech-specific platforms like Github.

Custom application forms

Only you would know the type of candidate that your company needs at any given time. More often than not, these needs require more than the generic passive recruitment model.

Customizing the application form allows you to better frame the role and the company for the first contact with the candidate. It allows you to ask the right questions, highlight the important details, and steer the person on the other end towards what you need from them rather than the other way around.

As part of Manatal’s custom career page function, it’s possible to customize and integrate your own version of the application form, personalized to fit the candidate, the role, and all that’s expected from both. This can help you better filter incoming applications and retain high-caliber professionals for placement.

Too many recruitment needs, one ATS

These functions highlight only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways Manatal can ease and facilitate recruitment. Other features include the AI recommendation engine, the special skill sourcing capabilities, the many task management, and communication tools, and much more.

Recruitment on its own is a set of processes that can be complex and yield fantastic results if done right. In order to fully digitize your tech company’s recruitment, switching to a cloud-based SaaS can go beyond innovative features and exciting tools to provide security and crisis management, for a safer and more effective hiring cycle.

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