Here’s How Building Employer Branding Helps Recruiters

Employer Branding

That’s a great quote by Jeffrey emphasizing how recruitment is a form of marketing. And as we all know, branding is a very big aspect of the concept.

Branding, by definition, is the unique identity that companies establish to deviate themselves in the market. It’s how businesses want to be perceived in all aspects– design, products, services, story, and many more.

This is integral in recruitment, as well. Referred to as “Employer Branding”, the term became a widely used strategy to attract more candidates and promote employee retention and satisfaction. In fact, 72% of recruiting leaders worldwide concurred that it brings a significant impact on hiring.

Additionally, it has a positive correlation with ROI, too. Study shows that companies with solid employer branding exhibit a decrease in hiring costs by a whopping 43%

When people understand your brand, it’s easier to market them to the world. The same goes for recruitment. It makes it easier to target candidates– lessening time to hire, time of fill, and even cost for hire.

The question now is: how do you do it?

4 Effective Ways to Build Employer Branding

1. Strengthen your company’s core

Everything starts from the inside out. If you want your employer branding to improve, the core of your company needs to be impeccable.

How do you want your employees and the candidates to view your company? Determine how you want to position your business in the market by establishing a clear and sound brand identity. You take into consideration the company’s values, culture, and personality to ensure they align with your ideal employees and candidates’ aspirations.

To add to that, it should be unique. Having a special workplace that’s incomparable adds a sense of value to your target.

2. Start Strong and Follow Through

First impressions last. It’s imperative that you provide a pleasing candidate experience the moment you initiate contact with potential employees. One way to do this is to simplify the application process.

With Manatal, you can create and customize your career page, so that it will be smooth-sailing for the candidate. Make an effort to tailor the page based on the role sought and optimize it to be accomplished with just a few clicks.

Of course, following through is also crucial. Don’t be a let-down after a strong start. Using Manatal’s handy CRM, nurture leads and existing clients to maintain a lasting and satisfying relationship by keeping track and monitoring progresses in one centralized platform.

The software also allows you to send emails directly so you can constantly engage with them. Communication is key, and you’ll see how it can impact employer branding greatly.

3. Happy Workplace, Happy Employees

Similar to the second point, the satisfaction level of your internal staff also attributes to a strong employer branding. Strategically develop the working environment based on proven data through Manatal’s comprehensive reports and analytics

The software can tell you everything you need to know from candidate sourcing to employee performance to work culture compatibility in one click. Leverage such information and feedback and find actionable solutions to improve employee retention and satisfaction.

When you successfully do so, more employees would be inclined to share it with their circles. You’d be surprised how word of mouth becomes a powerful advertisement. It will also prompt them to work harder to ensure business success, which reflects well on reputation, too!

4. Utilize the Power of Social Media

According to research, 80% of job seekers worldwide use social media to search for jobs. Put your name out there by posting your job ads on various social media. This can add credibility to your company, which can entice them to apply, as well.

Furthermore, it can also help your company lessen the cost per hire. 75% of candidates mentioned that they check out the company’s online presence first before taking any action. So if you have an attractive brand, you can bet that the chances of you attracting more quality hires are conceivable!

Manatal lets you post across multiple channels with just a few clicks. No need to spend time and effort doing this manually, as you can reach wider audiences and funnel all incoming applications conveniently in one platform.

When you successfully position your company as the top employer of choice by many, it will be much much easier for you to recruit the best talent.

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