How to use your recruitment ATS to receive more and better candidates

How to receive more and better candidates through the recruitment ATS

The job of a recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS) is to allow you to source multiple candidates easily. However, it’s not a magical software that can bring you more applications instantaneously. You have to know how to leverage the software to make it work for you. And if you do, you’ll be able to source faster and better.

But first… what is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS or Applicant Tracking Software) is a cloud-based software whose main purpose is to source candidates across multiple channels and funnel all incoming applications into a centralized platform for maximum convenience.

Most ATS are very intuitive with their advanced features and AI-powered automation (like Manatal). This helps streamline and optimize the recruitment process by providing an all-in-one solution from start to finish. It boosts productivity by giving users an amazing, seamless experience throughout.

To name some, the majority of the applicant tracking systems have the capabilities to connect to multiple job boards, manage talents in an integrated pipeline, provide reports and analytics, etc.

Apart from that, since it is cloud-based, it can permit users to access all the data anytime and anywhere. It gives recruiters more flexibility and ability to be more organized in keeping track of all information, activities, key persons, and more that are relevant to the hiring strategy.

How will this help in getting more and better candidates?

A recruitment strategies report stated that applicant tracking systems helped 86.1% of recruiters hire faster. This will be useful especially given the number of people vouching for top talents. Using an ATS will give recruiters the competitive advantage that they need. As mentioned, it speeds up the process and ensures the right candidate pool is gathered.

Although there is a common misconception that once you use an ATS, everything else will follow. It doesn’t work that way. Such software is merely arsenals to help users become more efficient and productive. At the end of the day, human input is still required to progress your business and move it forward.

You need to learn how to utilize it properly so you can reap maximum benefits.

Ways to get more and better candidates through the Recruitment ATS

If you’re unsure how, you came to the right place. We’ll use Manatal as the base recruitment applicant tracking system example. Its wide array of functionalities will show you how you can get more and better candidates through the software.

Source via multiple channels (job boards and social media)

This is the main feature of an Applicant Tracking System. It allows recruiters to post a job ad directly to multiple channels automatically. It can be done within just a few clicks!

Manatal allows users to post on career pages and job boards. Job boards can be free or premium. For example, it is possible to post on Indeed, JobsDB, Monster, Linkedin, and many more.

The beauty in this is that applications are received and funneled into a single platform. It can be managed in one page, which saves a lot of time, therefore giving you more chances to get more quality candidates.

Use existing database

Of course, you don’t need to source a new candidate pool every time. A recruiting software such as Manatal gives you a cloud-based database where you can store and access information anytime.

This includes a database with past applications. You can easily check and filter out what you’re looking for. Then, Manatal will provide you a list of existing talents you may contact. There, you already have the information you need. Their resume, notice period, salary expectations, etc.

If you think about it, this feature saves recruiters a lot of time because data is stored automatically and precisely. It will be impossible to remember all applicants you’ve had years ago! This stores all the relevant things you need to remember for yourself.

Bolster your search by importing CVs, existing spreadsheets, and previous ATS data sets– all in a single click. Cool, right? This way, you’ll get more accurate results with what you have.

So, by adding the new pool of talents plus qualified existing ones, you’ll be filling positions faster and better than ever.

Filter candidates properly

Getting a lot of candidates can be fairly easy if you do it sloppily. You need to ensure quality all the time to get the best fit for the position.

Manatal has several features that support this. Its advanced boolean search, AI candidate recommendation engine, and social media enrichment. These allow you to narrow down your choices to qualified talents.

How the AI-powered candidate recommendation engine works is that it takes precise filters based on what you’re searching for. To name some, degree, experience, skills, languages, location, etc.

After that, it automatically displays a list of candidates on your database that are a match to the job ad. This saves you time in screening, which you can better use to get more candidates if needed.

For instance, you have a lot of applications already. You use the search engine to find prospects. Do you already have a lot? Good. Do you lack more applicants? You’ve saved enough time, so you can easily source for more!

Another beauty of Manatal is its social media enrichment. You can bolster your candidate’s profile by taking relevant information from their social media. This helps you get to know the candidates better on a professional level. Plus, it refines their information, so you can have better recommendations when you search the engine.

With that out of the way, you can screen faster and focus only on the right people– giving you full productivity without wasting time.

Create an appealing career page

Think of this as a way to get more candidates and develop your employer branding. This is a perfect and additional way to source for applicants apart from job boards, existing databases, and social media. When you create a company career page, it can direct more quality hires to your business.

Why? Your career page contains all the information an applicant needs to see. Company culture, company essence, and more are a part of this. This is helpful because talents will know what they’re applying for. The chances of them being quality hires and staying long-term are very high.

The internet search engine is a very powerful tool, too. If you optimize your career page (or whole website for that matter) with SEO, then it will drive more traction to your organization better.

We wrote an article about how to create an excellent career page. Check it out here.

Ensure a smooth hiring process

The beauty of a recruitment ATS is that it lets you streamline operations seamlessly. Take advantage of this. ATS software can speed up the hiring cycle by centralizing important candidate information and communication into a singular platform.

There is no need to go to different tabs and websites all at once. Say goodbye to headaches and messy workspace!

This permits hiring managers to access all needed information quickly. Even to compare the qualifications, skills, and notes or feedback from relevant hiring managers of candidates!

With communication and collaboration in check, it will ensure a faster time frame for recruiters and give them time to focus on other aspects that need human input. The tickbox of “speed” and “quality assurance” is observed here indefinitely!

Use reports and analytics to know where you work best

Lastly, don’t neglect the powers of reports and analytics. You’ll be surprised to know how many valuable insights it can bring.

It will be helpful for you to know what sourcing channels are working best, what your recruitment metrics are, and more. These data-driven facts will be like a bull’s eye for you. You address goals with precision. You can get accurate results afterward.

Read more about our insights on recruitment analytics in this article.

In conclusion…

It’s possible to get better and more candidates using recruitment software. It’s not a quick hack that will automatically bring you results. You need to learn how to utilize in properly

Like with Manatal for example, it has various features that can help you achieve this easily. Sourcing of candidates through a wide range of channels such as job boards and career pages, leveraging on the existing talent pool, better and faster screening through AI-recommendations and social media enrichment, ensuring a smooth, streamlined hiring process with advanced filters, and understanding hiring reports will be a gold mine for your business.

With all these in mind, you can surely fill positions faster with quality candidates that can make a significant impact on your business.

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