Top 7 Features of a Recruitment ATS that We Love

Top 7 Features of a Recruitment ATS that We Love

A recruitment software or recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS) is very helpful in sourcing candidates from multiple channels. It’s a great tool to funnel all incoming applications, so you can go through your entire hiring process in one centralized platform.

It allows you to track and manage candidates, and at the same time, ensure various ways to get them onboard through its features– all conveniently done using a single software. Cool, right? Even 94% of professionals said that this positively made an impact on their organization.

There are a lot of recruiting software in the market, but not all of them are the same. That is why it’s crucial to look at their unique selling proposition or USPs. You have to choose the one that your hiring team needs to function effectively and efficiently.

In case you need a clearer picture of what you should and can expect from a recruitment ATS, we’re listing down our favorite features of the tool.

Top 7 Features of Recruitment ATS that we Love

1. Multiple Premium Job Boards

As mentioned, a recruitment ATS allows you to source multiple candidates with just a few clicks by posting job ads on multiple platforms. However, it boils down to where you can post them.

We love recruitment ATS that permits recruiters to post on thousands of free and premium channels (e.g. Indeed, Monster, Linkedin, Facebook, Google for Jobs, etc.). Not only will this let you reach more top talents, but this will also help in filling positions faster.

2. Candidate Recommendations

We are all about AI-powered technologies, and recruitment ATS is not an exemption. There are a few recruiting software available that are driven by AI.

Take Manatal, for example. It has powerful capabilities to help you screen candidates faster by automatically suggesting suitable fits for a position. This is done via candidate scoring, which means scores are formulated by AI based on job matches in terms of experience, skill sets, educational background, and more.

3. API Integration

This nifty feature makes it easy to integrate your existing solutions into the software. It gives the flexibility that you need to utilize useful tools without starting from scratch. 

It links payroll and HRIS solutions like SAP, Oracle, Kronos, ADP, and more directly to your applicant tracking system.

4. Data Compliance Tools

This is very crucial. We love this feature because it protects recruiters from any sort of legal issues that might arise.

To do your job successfully as a TA professional, you should protect the data of your company and your candidates at all times. Data privacy is not to be undermined, and data compliance tools help sort that out.

5. Dual Recruitment CRM Functionality

Great applicant tracking systems aren’t limited in actions. A great one has dual functionalities, which promotes productivity in many aspects.

There is a select recruiting software in the market that has a recruitment CRM functionality, too. It gives the recruiters the convenience that they need to serve both candidates and customers better. In one easy platform, they can tackle both the candidate and client front of the business. Thus, achieving overall company success!

6. Career Page Builder

If you didn’t know, career pages help companies in plenty of ways. First, it increases organic traffic to the website. Second, it improves employer branding, which convinces interested applicants to push that “Apply Now” button.

A great recruitment ATS should have a career page builder in its system. Aside from job boards and social media, this is an excellent way to get more applicants.

7. Mobile Accessibility

Last but not least, we highly appreciate recruitment ATS that has mobile accessibility. People now are always on the go. It also adds to the fact that most people are opting for remote choices.

With this in mind, your recruitment ATS must be accessible via mobile. Through this, recruiters can do their work anytime and anywhere without being limited by geographical location.

Which one was your favorite? Does your current recruitment software have these features? Manatal encompasses all of these and will surely be advantageous to have to you and your organization.

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