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Hiring and training competent employees is an essential part of maintaining a successful business. But it can be difficult for businesses to quickly find employees who are the right fit, especially since it is easy not to have enough time to sift through applications. Sometimes, without an organized process, candidates are even accidentally overlooked or lost. Recruitment software easily solves issues such as these, making them a worthy investment.   

Most businesses of any size need recruitment apps such as Manatal to keep track of their hiring process and manage each applicant’s data. In fact, 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals believe that using applicant tracking software has significantly eased typical difficulties and benefited their hiring process. With a recruitment app, small businesses can cut down their time to manage the overall process. They also find high-level talent and successfully organize data.  

Not only do recruitment apps benefit the businesses, but they are also a great way to make your business look professional and presentable to top applicants who are scouting the best company to join. After all, the hiring process is essential to find the best fit between employer and employee, so first impressions are everything. The hiring team and the applicant both have to work hard to make a solid first impression, and no one wants to join an unorganized company. With Manatal, the recruitment process is made easy, and the onboarding process is streamlined and well organized. As a result, Manatal makes businesses look professional and operate smoothly, making the process better for all those involved. 

What are Recruitment Softwares? 

Recruitment apps, also known as applicant tracking software (ATS) or recruitment software, is a cloud database that manages applications, emails, candidate information, interview dates, and other data related to hiring. Applicant tracking software makes it easy for businesses to filter the best applicants, saving the business time and money. 

Aside from keeping track of the data and logistics of the hiring process, recruitment software also helps with the onboarding of new hires. With ATS, the onboarding packets and all other paperwork are located in the same place and easy to access. Recruitment software is essentially an all-in-one software for the hiring process that makes hiring easy for both employers and employees. 

Traditional Ways Small Businesses Manage Recruitment 

Before the development of advanced hiring technology such as recruitment software, small businesses had to manually input data and manage the hiring process through Google Sheets or Excel. Although many small businesses who may be afraid of switching to technology still use these methods, they are dated and often inefficient. 

Smaller companies tend to believe that subscribing to recruitment software may seem like an unnecessary expense since they do not need to hire many people. But recruitment apps make it easy for small businesses to search through thousands of applicants to find the best candidates for the job. In the long run, it is more efficient and will even cut your recruitment costs. 

Hire a Staffing Agency

Pros: Hiring a staffing agency was one of the most popular ways to deal with the difficulty of managing the hiring process before recruitment apps existed. A staffing firm is a third-party company that matches businesses with job candidates they think would be a good fit. The list of candidates given to the company looking to hire employees has been professionally vetted and ready to work. Staffing agencies make the hiring process quicker than companies looking for candidates themselves. 

Cons: The problem with using a hiring agency is that some of the resumes may not be up to the high standards of the business. Staffing agencies may have an idea of what businesses are looking for in an employee, but it is always best if companies could handpick their employees. By selecting which candidates the company should assess, staffing agencies take away the company’s control over the process. Staffing agencies can also be costly, and they usually take a commission of around 20-40% of the first-year salary.   

Google Sheets/Excel 

Pros: Google Sheets and Excel are two common ways to organize the hiring process. The biggest benefit of using Google Sheets or Excel for the hiring process is that it is incredibly affordable and easy to use. Nearly every company uses Google Sheets or Excel to store data, so no additional skills or programs need to be learned to use these applications. These applications are also customizable, and equations can be set so that each row calculates data according to the needs of the company. 

Cons: Although Google Sheets and Excel have the ability to store large amounts of data, it isn’t easy to sort through them to find the data needed. For example, if there are hundreds of applicants listed and someone were to look for a specific applicant, it would take a significant amount of time to look for them. These applications are also very basic compared to applicant tracking software. Unlike ATS, they do not have all the advanced abilities designed specifically for the hiring process. They also do not provide any reports or analysis of how the business performs in terms of recruitment, which is crucial to making improvements. 

Why Do Small Businesses Need Applicant Tracking Software? 

Even though small businesses may have less turnover, the hiring process is tedious for any company. The hiring process includes many different moving parts and has many people involved, including hiring managers, decision-makers, interviewers, recruiters, candidates, and human resources. Each person involved has their own role to play, and without an applicant tracking software, the communication, notes about the individual, and general recruitment data can get messy. 

Keep All Your Data In One Place

Having all of your data in one place and keeping track of your emails, resumes, and applications is an important part of the hiring process. In some cases, the disorganization can even lead to a loss of data in giant email threads since it is difficult to keep track of too many emails. 

Disorganization is terrible for businesses in almost every aspect, but it is especially problematic when it comes to hiring. Having a disorganized hiring process can cause simple but critical mistakes. Some common mistakes include scheduling an interview with all applicants or losing an applicant’s data. Disorganization also looks bad on the company, and it set the tone for what employees should expect working at the company to be like. 

With ATS, companies no longer have to worry about miscommunication between employees or even with the applicant due to a loss of data. In recruitment software like Manatal, the entire hiring process can be managed from one place. All of the employees who would normally be involved in the hiring process would also have access to all of the hiring data, so there would never be a mistake such as two employees wasting time sending the same email to an applicant. 

Save Time 

Selecting a pool of eligible applicants, interviewing, and hiring new employees is always an extensive, time-consuming process. Luckily, recruitment apps are a great way to save time. Instead of companies having to create and monitor job listings on different job search engines, applicant tracking software allows businesses to instantaneously post a job listing to all online job boards. They also automatically sort all of the applicants, so the company doesn’t waste time reading through all of the resumes and cover letters. Most applicant tracking services act as almost personal assistants during the hiring process as well. For instance, they will send out gracious rejection letters to those who will not get an interview while also sending out interview appointments to the applicants selected to move on to the next step. Recruitment apps are designed to help companies save a significant amount of time so they can focus their energies on other projects and initiatives. 

Find an Elite Talent Pool 

Finding the right person who would be a good fit for your small business can be a difficult task. There are thousands of applicants, and each person has a different story, educational background, and skill level. With many different applicants to choose from, it can get overwhelming to decide who should and should not get an interview. The process would take many hours and take away from finishing work that could bring in revenue. Recruitment apps help make these decisions easily by eliminating human biases. These apps use preset requirements that the business decides as important to them. The requirements can include things like a person’s level of college degrees, years of experience, availability, etc. Recruitment software is highly efficient and effective when it comes to finding the most elite talent pool that would be a good fit for the company. The best part is, all you have to do is set the software up to find specific types of applicants.  

Create A Better Experience for Candidates 

The hiring process is not simply about how to hire as many skilled people as possible. The business hiring new employees also has the job of making the business look presentable, professional, and like a good place to spend your workday. If your company uses professional recruitment software to streamline the hiring process for applicants, they will be more likely to be impressed with the technically advanced company and its organizational skills. This is especially the case if they are regularly updated throughout the process about the status of their application. It may be difficult for small businesses to worry about sending follow-up emails. But with ATS, they can automate when each personalized email is sent out so that there is less work for the business. In that case, the candidate will have a good experience with the company and feel as though the business is attentive and cares about its employees. 

Candidates also appreciate straightforward onboarding with easy-to-access forms and training. A smooth transition into the hiring company is achievable with application tracking services since all of the forms, training, and information will be easily accessible in one location. When candidates are impressed and have a good experience applying to a small business, they are more likely to recommend other people apply to the company in the future.  

Get a True Understanding of What Works For Your Business 

With job listings being posted on different job boards and social media platforms, it can be hard to figure out what website actually works the best. The best can be defined in many ways, all of which are analyzed by the recruitment software. ATS can sort platforms in terms of getting the most applications or a successful platform could even be the one that is sending the most educated and skilled candidates. No matter how you want to evaluate success, recruitment software has analytics that helps you understand what job boards and advertising work best for you. Understanding what works for your company can also help save money and time since you will know which job boards are the most useful, and you can avoid those that cost more money than they are worth. 

Why Choose Manatal

Easy-To-Use Systems  

Unlike some other recruitment software, Manatal is extremely easy to use. Within 15 minutes of utilizing the services, you will be able to fully understand the process and platform. Although the ATS is easy to use, it also comes with powerful features such as AI recommendations, a wide range of customization options, job board integrations, and much more.

AI Recommendation of Candidates 

With each candidate having unique educational and work experiences, the AI recommendation system works best for finding candidates. The AI narrows down the list of candidates in your database by recommending a pool of candidates that were found to be the very best– that way, small businesses do not have to spend hours searching through resumes and profiles. However, it is still ultimately up to the people that are hiring the new employees to decide on who the best fit is. 

Social Media Enrichment

Manatal provides a unique automated enrichment feature that allows its customers to efficiently and comprehensively review candidates with both social media and data integration. Manatal’s powerful AI tools are able to browse the web and extract information from over 20 social media platforms, enabling customers to know their candidates a bit better.  

Customize or Link Your Career Page 

Companies can also customize their own career pages on Manatal to show their accolades to top candidates looking for a new job. The portal is best used to show the company values, mission, brand, and previous success so that candidates will want to apply to the company positions. 

Most Competitive Pricing

It can be quite terrifying to purchase something without knowing its price. Contacting a salesperson might end up costing you time and an uncertain price range. At Manatal, we offer you transparent and competitive prices. Each package comes with a clear price and detailed features. You’ll know exactly what you are putting your money into and surely be pleased with both of our prices and features.  


Even though many small businesses feel as though recruitment software is over the top for their needs, recruitment software such as Manatal can actually be highly beneficial to small businesses. Small businesses still have plenty of moving parts in the hiring process that can be eliminated and organized with application tracking software. Softwares such as these make it easy to find talent, save time, and create a better experience for future coworkers.

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