Human Resources (HR) Informations Systems (HRIS) Manager job description

Use this Human Resources (HR) Informations Systems (HRIS) Manager job description template to advertise open roles for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.
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Job brief

We are looking for a Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Manager to oversee our daily HR operations, process employee data, and enroll new employees.


  • Manage employee data such as wages, leaves, and working hours.
  • Supervise the daily HR Information Systems operations.
  • Register new employees and their data into the system.
  • Produce ad-hoc reports on things such as hiring costs, employee turnover, and benefits.
  • Store data in a way that is easily usable for reporting purposes.
  • Craft manuals regarding data processing procedures.
  • Oversee periodic analysis and upgrades to our HRIS program.
  • Perform research on vendors and implement new integrations when needed.
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws.
  • In charge of overseeing and maintaining internal database files, tables, codes, backup files, integrity, and security.
  • Installs, implements, modifies and upgrades software and applications to meet changing business and technological requirements.
  • Makes recommendations and puts them into action.
  • Automates queries, filters, macros, and reports are among the custom functions and documentation provided by the program.
  • Ensures that the system complies with data security and privacy requirements.
  • Maintains current knowledge of data management and security trends.


  • Degree in HR, Psychology, or relevant field
  • Past experience in a similar role
  • Computer literate
  • Good understanding of labor laws
  • Familiarity with GDPR and other data laws
  • Approachable personality and good communication skills
  • Proficient with HR Information Systems and recruiting software
  • Knowledge of human resource policies and procedures is required to ensure that the HRIS meets the needs and goals of the organization.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office Suite or related software
  • Capability to keep information private
  • A thorough understanding of database construction is required

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