Why should you choose Manatal over Recruiterbox?

Finding the ATS that meets all your needs

Do you easily lose track of your candidates and get stuck with the fruitless sourcing?  Are you often bothered by the dysfunctional team communication?  When you have too much on your plate, Manatal helps free up your workload and optimize your recruitment flow. We assist with an all-in-one talent tracking system to make your hiring more efficient and productive.

Let us take a look at why you should consider Manatal over Recruiterbox.

Finding the ATS that meets all your needs

We have what Recruiterbox doesn’t have

Free TrialManatalRecruiterbox
Chrome Sourcing Extension on LinkedInManatalRecruiterbox
Automatic Extraction of LinkedIn ProfileManatalRecruiterbox
Fully Customizable Criteria for Candidates and RecommendationManatalRecruiterbox
Indexation of LinkedIn Skills on the Candidate’s ProfileManatalRecruiterbox
Fully Customizable Shared Pipeline View to 3rd PartiesManatalRecruiterbox
Automatic AI Based Candidates ScoringManatalRecruiterbox
Auto Enrichment of Social Media ProfileManatalRecruiterbox
Resume FormattingManatalRecruiterbox
See the full list of our features here.

Best features, even fancier price

Still trying to figure out how Recruiterbox functions and charges? Save time by starting a journey with Manatal. As the most competitive ATS in the market, Manatal provides a much more affordable and transparent pricing plan, starting from $15/month only.

To help you better decide, 14-day free trial awaits you.

Meet your talents effortlessly

Meet your talents effortlessly

Speed up your hiring process with Manatal’s Chrome extension on LinkedIn. Save time by importing candidates’ profiles in one click. Let Manatal be the connection for you.

Know your candidates better

Know your candidates better

Collect your candidates’ social media profiles with our automatic enrichment tool. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Quora, we pave the road for you to understand your talents better.

Save up time with CV Formatting

Save up time with CV Formatting

When it comes to the one-and-only resume formatting feature, Manatal is the only one that does it for you. Design and craft candidates’ resumes with personalized watermarks and logo. Start near the finish line.


Manage Your Talents Anywhere at Any Time

In order to help you stay on top of your game, Manatal provides you with a streamlined progressive phone application. Once you create an account on Manatal, you can install the app on your mobile phone. Whether you are commuting to work or waiting in a line for coffee, you can easily manage your candidates and assign tasks at any time.

“Recruiterbox? I’ll go with Manatal”


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