Why should you choose Manatal over Crelate?

An ATS that's Simple & Powerful

A platform so easy to use, 15 minutes is all it takes to master.

Beneath its modern design, Manatal offers many exclusive features to streamline your recruitment processes with a customer support team to guide you all the way.

Starting at only $15/month/user, all features included, you can immediately enjoy the platform’s full potential with our dedicated customer support team to guide you all along the way.

An ATS that's Simple & Powerful

We have what Crelate doesn’t have

Automatic Extraction of LinkedIn ProfileManatalCrelate
Automatic Extraction of Candidate Information on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook,…)ManatalCrelate
Indexation of LinkedIn Skills on the Candidate’s ProfileManatalCrelate
Automated Recommendation of Candidates Based on Job DescriptionManatalCrelate
Automated Recommendation of Jobs Based on Candidate ProfileManatalCrelate
Automatic AI Based Candidates ScoringManatalCrelate
Holistic and Customizable Candidate ProfileManatalCrelate
Candidate Custom Tag (Available Now, Blacklist,...)ManatalCrelate
Automated CV/Resume Formatting and BrandingManatalCrelate
Candidates Onboarding & Employee ManagementManatalCrelate
Candidates Application through Facebook, LinkedIn, and other Social MediaManatalCrelate
Social Media Posting (Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, WeChat, Line...)ManatalCrelate
Data import tools (CSV & JSON files)ManatalCrelate
See the full list of our features here.

Fancy features, even fancier price!

While Crelate provides pricing packages starting from $55/user/month, Manatal, as one of the most competitive global ATS in the market, offers a pricing plan starting from $15/user/month only.</strong

Enrich your Candidates' Profiles

Enrich your Candidates' Profiles

Screen and understand your candidates better! Manatal’s enrichment system automatically indexes relevant skills from LinkedIn profiles or resumes, and our AI tools browse the web in search of data on more than 20 social media platforms, all displayed directly onto the candidate profile.

AI-Based Recommendation System

AI-Based Recommendation System

Manatal uses unique AI-based technology to help you find the top talents in your database for each given opening. We compare candidates' skills, prior experiences, education, and more data points to generate automatic candidate recommendations based simply on a job description or on the criteria you select.

Save up time with CV Formatting

Save up time with CV Formatting

Brand and customize your applicants’ resumes. The ‘Branded Resume’ feature will allow you to add a custom watermark and logo overlay to your existing candidates’ resumes. Or use the ‘Custom Resume’ feature to create new resume PDF documents based on a standardized and personalized template with a custom watermark, logo, header, and footer.


Manage Your Talents Anywhere at Any Time

In order to help you stay on top of your game, Manatal provides you with a streamlined progressive phone application. Once you create an account on Manatal, you can install the app on your mobile phone. Whether you are commuting to work or waiting in a line for coffee, you can easily manage your candidates and assign tasks at any time.

“Crelate? I’ll go with Manatal”


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