Why should you choose Manatal over Kenexa?

Tired of Missing Features and Overpriced Plans?

A platform so intuitive, 15 minutes is all it takes to master.

Our new generation ATS offers many powerful exclusive features like AI-driven candidate recommendations all for a fraction of Kenexa’s price. Starting at $15/month/user, you can immediately unlock Manatal’s full potential.

Our customer support team will be there to guide you through every step of your Manatal journey.

Tired of Missing Features and Overpriced Plans?

We have what Kenexa doesn’t have

Free TrialManatalKenexa
Automatic Extraction of LinkedIn ProfileManatalKenexa
Automatic Extraction of Candidate Information on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook,…)ManatalKenexa
Indexation of LinkedIn Skills on the Candidate’s ProfileManatalKenexa
Automated Recommendation of Candidates Based on Job DescriptionManatalKenexa
Automated Recommendation of Jobs Based on Candidate ProfileManatalKenexa
Fully Customizable Criteria and Filtering for Candidates RecommendationManatalKenexa
Automatic AI Based Candidates ScoringManatalKenexa
Ability to Share Candidates Profiles & Job Status with Hiring Managers and Agencies for freeManatalKenexa
Easy-to-Use PipelineManatalKenexa
Holistic and Customizable Candidate ProfileManatalKenexa
Candidate Custom Tag (Available Now, Blacklist,...)ManatalKenexa
Automated CV/Resume Formatting and BrandingManatalKenexa
Chrome Sourcing Extension on LinkedInManatalKenexa
Create and Customize your Career PageManatalKenexa
Create Candidates by Forwarding Emails with CV/ResumeManatalKenexa
Messaging System between Team MembersManatalKenexa
Mention System between Team MembersManatalKenexa
Chat ServiceManatalKenexa
In-app Training & Interactive OnboardingManatalKenexa
See the full list of our features here.

The Ultimate Cloud-based Recruitment Software

Figuring out Kenexa’s pricing packages can take too much time and effort. On the other hand, as the most competitive global ATS on the market, Manatal provides a much more competitive and transparent pricing plan, starting from $15/month only.

Better yet, we provide a 14-day free trial!

Chrome Sourcing Extension

Chrome Sourcing Extension

Speed-up your hiring process by using a Chrome extension to import candidate's profiles from LinkedIn and adding them to the relevant job in one-click only.

AI-Based Recommendation System

AI-Based Recommendation System

Manatal uses unique AI-based technology to help you find the top talents in your database for each given opening. We compare candidates' skills, prior experiences, education, and more data points to generate automatic candidate recommendations based simply on a job description or on the criteria you select.

Customizable External View

Customizable External View

Share your candidates and job status with hiring managers or agencies for free through Manatal's customizable external view. Grant them access to the data you want to share (salary, contact details, social media, resumes…) and interact with them through the Manatal software. Our collaboration tools provide 3rd parties with fully customized views of the job vacancies and their recruitment progress. This feature allows decision-makers and hiring managers to interact with you through the software for seamless and effective collaboration.


Manage Your Talents Anywhere at Any Time

In order to help you stay on top of your game, Manatal provides you with a streamlined progressive phone application. Once you create an account on Manatal, you can install the app on your mobile phone. Whether you are commuting to work or waiting in a line for coffee, you can easily manage your candidates and assign tasks at any time.

“Kenexa? I’ll go with Manatal.”


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