What makes a good ATS?

A recruiter will very quickly understand the perks of an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). But when it comes to deciding which one to choose, it is a different matter. Here are a few tips on what makes a good one.

It should be simple to use.

Some of your hiring consultants may be reluctant to change the way they operate. An ATS should be built to take only a couple of hours for everyone to learn how to work on it. If it offers a free trial, run it and make up your mind. Remember you are going to spend a lot of time on the software, the ATS features need to be both useful and fun

Automatically filling in candidates when the time is of the essence

Sourcing takes a tremendous amount of time, especially when you have to copy paste the data of each candidate. Professional Media Networks have become compulsory to find passive candidates. The best ATS should offer extensions that allow you to save a profile in only one click. It makes sourcing both faster and smoother.
Also, when you receive a CV, the ATS needs to take in charge its parsing. A good ATS should let you drop the resume and then, fill up the candidate’s information automatically.

It should help consolidate your sourcing

One of the most valuable metrics of recruiting is the Source of Hire. A good ATS should provide dashboards so that you know which initial source of contact is working the best. You will then be able to find out the reasons why some candidates are leaving instead of taking your jobs. You will also be able to optimize your entire recruitment flow.

The ATS should be a platform that allows teamwork

The main difference between a tracking system and an excel sheet is the latter did not encourage collaboration. Your ATS must include features such as being able to leave a note on a candidate, scheduling a meeting, making a comment on how to interact with specific Hiring Managers… When choosing between several ATS, check if it suits you and it will create synergies within your team.

Automatic recommendations using AI

When you have a big pool of candidates, you may want to sort through them quickly. A good ATS is one that can score and rank candidates based on their skills or the requirements you need for a particular job.

You do not subscribe to an ATS you partner with it

It will not be long before you realize that your ATS is critical in making your business successful.  A good ATS will take the time to understand your business and needs. It will quickly let you know the features that will interest you the most. If you fill that the ATS is willing to grow with you then, you are most certainly making the right choice.


The cheapest the better, right? Though make sure that you get all the features you needed. Also the ATS you’re going for must be very clear on their pricing. Most ATS do not even offer a free trial or do not disclose their prices. Choose one that does not try to rip you off.

Here at Manatal, we believe we can make your work a lot easier and more efficient, we have developed an ATS that meets all the above criteria. It comes at a fair price: starting at $15 per month. If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email: contact@manatal.com.


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