Candidate Enrichment

There is no such thing as too much information in regards to recruitment. Information and social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,…) are vital to successful placements. Manatal’s unique automated enrichment features provide both data and social media integration for a comprehensive candidate overview.
Candidate Enrichment

Enrich your candidates' profiles with social and public data

Manatal’s proprietary AI Engine browses the web in search of data on 20+ social media and public platforms for all new candidates created. The feature allows recruiters to get to know their candidates and collect insights beyond resumes.
Candidate enrichment done seamlessly during the candidate profile creation.
20+ social and public platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Medium and many more.
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Resume Parsing

No more copy-pasting, all information at the right place

Import a resume to a candidate’s profile, and the software will take care of parsing the information for relevant skills, specific roles, and sought-after capabilities. Manatal’s recruitment software provides intelligent parser solutions that simplify recruitment and support HR operations.
Parse resumes automatically without manual entry - no matter whether you have one or hundreds of them.
Detection and notification of duplicate candidates based on information extracted.
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LinkedIn Data Extraction

Import candidate attributes from LinkedIn

Manatal’s enrichment system makes it easy to index relevant skills from LinkedIn profiles or resumes. Create a new candidate to get a comprehensive and detailed candidate scorecard from the data within (email, phone number, position, company…).
Linkedin Extraction: Import all candidate details from Linkedin straight into the right fields.
Field compatibility: Import candidates experiences, skills, special talents. and other popular attributes.
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Resume Database

Your cloud resume database

Manage your resumes and candidates’ information easily by uploading them into Manatal. Easily access your growing database and browse your data through the quick and boolean search features.
Data retention: All your information in one place; access candidate data months or years later.
Powerful quick and boolean search functionalities to quickly find the most suitable candidates.
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Branded Resume

Branded resumes made effortless

The ‘Branded Resume’ feature will allow you to add a custom watermark and logo overlay to your existing candidates’ resumes.
Brand your candidates' resumes with your branded logo and watermarks.
Add your agency mark, watermark, and contact details to your resumes before forwarding them to your clients.
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Custom Resume

Anonymize resumes in seconds

Use the ‘Custom Resume’ feature to create new resume PDF documents based on a standardized and personalized template with a custom watermark, logo, header, and footer.
Produce an entirely new resume, fully anonymized based on candidate information and your branding.
Chose among several anonymous resume templates: Tailor any reformatted resume to your agency.
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