AI Recommendations

When it comes to recruitment, it’s no secret that finding the perfect match for the position or candidate at hand can take days if not weeks of work. Manatal simplifies this process with its AI-powered recommendation engine. This feature recommends the most suitable jobs for your candidates and the most suitable candidates for your jobs within seconds.
Candidates & Job Recommendations

Pinpoint the most suitable candidates

Manatal scans job descriptions and extracts the core skills and requirements needed for candidates. Results are cross-referenced with your talent pool to identify candidates who fit the position best.
Scanning and parsing of candidates' information, including skills, experiences, education, etc.
Relevancy ranking based on candidate's profiles and job requirements.
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Customizable Filters

Customize fields and searchable criterias

Use customizable criteria to filter your recommended candidates and shortlist your top choices based on skills, work experience, academic background, or other conditions. Utilize the recommendation algorithm to find the perfect balance to match applicants and jobs.
Leverage custom fields to personalize your own data, structured as per your requirements.
Advanced filtering and search based on user-defined fields.
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Candidate Scoring

Identify the best talents for a given job

Manatal AI Engine compares candidates’ skills, location, positions, education, and more, to the requirements of any given job and ranks candidates based on the criteria you select.
Candidates scoring via Manatal proprietary AI Engine based on job requirements.
Multiple criterias take into consideration such as skills, experiences, educations, or locations.
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Boolean Search

Easily retrieve unique combinations of skills

Boolean search helps find candidates that possess specific skillsets and qualifications. It allows recruiters to locate individuals with unique experiences or advanced proficiency. Define your criteria and sort through your database to find the perfect fit for those advanced placements.
Realize complex search operations based on multiple selected criteria.
Scored results established based on a multiple datapoints evaluated by Manatal AI Engine.
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