Applicant Tracking System

We provide a cloud-based comprehensive ATS - Applicant Tracking System - solution to make your recruitment process easier. Through effective pipelines, AI-driven insights, and applicant matching, candidate management becomes a seamless task.
Easy-to-use Pipeline

Interactive recruitment pipeline

One job, one page - with a drag-and-drop pipeline fully customizable with your recruitment stages. All the information you need is easily visualizable through a board (kanban) view or list view.
Kanban & List views: Visualize candidates, jobs, departments, or clients with the view that suits you best.
Drag-and-drop Interface: Move candidates intuitively across your pipeline in a simple way.
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Holistic Candidate Profile

Complete candidate profiles and scorecard

Centralized candidate profiles containing resumes' information, messages, annotations, and feedback for job vacancies. Store past information for analysis and leverage them in the future.
Holistic candidate profiles containing data collected from resumes, social media, and other sources.
Manage all your sponsored job advertising campaigns from a single platform.
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Quick Search

Flexible and powerful search functionalities

Search across your jobs, candidates, departments, and companies in a second. Just type what you are looking for (name, position, country, department, company), and our search tool will find what you need through your database in one click.
Search your entire database to retrieve candidates, jobs, contacts, and companies.
Search-as-you-type showcasing instantly relevant and contextual results.
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Boolean Search

Search multiple criterias at once

Make the most of our boolean search feature to find the best candidates for your job vacancies. Our proprietary AI engine matches and scores the most qualified candidates for any job requirements - based on job titles, skills, education, locations, seniority, and much more.
Realize complex search operations based on multiple selected criteria.
Custom fields compatibility to easily retrieve information based on your own data structure.
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Resume Formatting

Automated resume reformatting

Brand and customize your candidate resumes. The ‘Branded Resume’ feature allows you to add a watermark and logo to an existing resume. Alternatively, use the ‘Custom Resume’ feature to re-format a resume based on your preferences in addition to a watermark, logo, branded header, and footer.
Easily brand a resume by adding branded watermark and logo.
Produce an entirely new resume, fully anonymized based on candidate information plus your branding.
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Mailbox & Calendar Integration

Sync your mailbox and calendar

Connect your Outlook / Office365 or Gmail account to send and receive emails and sync your calendar with Manatal. Our all-in-one software aims to improve communication by allowing users to contact their candidates and manage their recruitment without switching across multiple platforms.
Mailbox and calendar integrations out-of-the-box with Outlook / Office365 and Google Suites.
Import your past communications with candidates during our free data migration.
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Mass Emailing

Notify all your candidates and clients in batch

Manage recruitment campaigns via email marketing by sending out campaigns to candidates and clients in batches. Configure email templates, track responses, measure campaign effectiveness, and analyze results directly within Manatal.
Send your recruitment email campaigns directly from Manatal to update your candidates in batches.
Consent management system compliant with GDPR and other data protection acts.
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Email Marketing

Launch email marketing campaigns

Sync your mailing campaigns with Manatal’s email marketing integration. Synchronize and seamlessly export candidate contact information to solutions like Mailchimp or other service providers of your choice.
Connect your existing email provider to send email campaigns directly from Manatal.
Synchronize your mailing lists built via Manatal to your existing email provider.
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Right-to-left (RTL) compatibility

Add candidates and jobs using different languages. We support right-to-left (RTL) languages and take pride in catering to multilingual agencies and departments through our ‘All language support’ feature.
RTL (Right-to-Left) support: Full compatibility with all RTL languages such as Arabic or Hebrew.
Non-roman characters support: Manage all information in languages such as Chinese, Thai, or Japanese.
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Resume Management

Your cloud resume database

Manage resumes and candidates’ information by uploading them to Manatal and keep track of all your applicant profiles over time. Grow your database daily and access all applicant-related information months or years later.
Cloud database: Your resumes and candidates' information accessible when and where you need them.
Highest security credentials available on the market (SOC II Type 2).
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Custom Data Structure

Data made highly customizable

Manatal's interface is highly customizable. The platform allows users to add fields, sections, and views of their choice to candidate profiles, jobs, organizations, and much more.
Add searchable custom fields and structure your data as per your own needs.
Customize your pipeline stages based on your recruitment process.
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Candidate Assessments

Send and receive assessment tests in your ATS

Make smarter hiring decisions with your team and hiring managers by centralizing your candidate assessment processes in Manatal. Our Codility integration allows you to send assessments to candidates in one click and receive test results within Manatal.
Send and visualize assessment tests directly within Manatal.
Native integrations with leading assessment platforms such as Codility
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Onboarding Tracking

Track candidate's onboarding milestones

Keep track of new hires throughout their employment experience by adding starting dates, probation periods, and end-of-employment dates to their candidate profiles. Customize the onboarding milestones to reflect your process.
Keep track of onboarding events such as starting dates, probations, or end of employment.
Customize onboarding milestones at the job level.
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Manatal OpenAPI

Connect Manatal to your HR tech stack

Manatal OpenAPI makes it easy to integrate your data with other solutions used by your organization. Link Manatal ATS to other systems such as HRIS or Payroll solutions like SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Taleo, ADP, and more.
Integrate Manatal to your existing HR tech stack via Manatal OpenAPI.
Build custom workflows leveraging Manatal data sent to any other systems.
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Zapier Integration

Build workflows with Zapier

Leverage Zapier integrations to connect Manatal with 3,000+ apps such as Facebook, Google Sheets, Typeform, HubSpot, and many more to automate your workflows and reduce redundant work.
Connect Manatal to 3,000+ softwares via Zapier integration.
Build automated operations based on triggers to increase your productivity.
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