Reports & Analytics

Collecting and analyzing data is essential if you are to truly understand why some recruitment efforts and activities yield results, why others don’t, and how to make improvements. That is why Manatal’s applicant tracking system provides in-depth analysis and detailed performance reports.
Customizable Dashboard

All your key metrics easily accessible

Visualize all essential indicators from your main dashboard. Follow up on all daily activities (placements, candidates, jobs, team members’ performance, time-to-placement, etc). Navigate all-important tasks efficiently and stay up to date on your team’s progress and performance.
Complete snapshot and recruitment KPIs displayed on your main dashboard.
Highly configurable dashboard to keep focusing on what does matter.
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Complete Reporting & Analytics Suite

Full reportings and analytics suite

Manatal’s Reporting Suite lets you dive into and analyze each aspect of your recruitment operations – know everything there is to know about your hiring process and export it all in one click.
Complete recruitment analytics suite provided out-of-the-box.
Gain access to insightful and actionable metrics covering your whole recruitment cycle.
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Candidate Reports

Instant insights on your recruitment pipeline

Leverage to your advantage everything related to candidate acquisition. Analyze and benchmark your various sourcing and application channels such as job boards (Indeed, Monster, …), social media, branded career page, and many more to optimize your current recruitment strategy.
Keep track of the evolution of your candidate pool effortlessly.
Benchmark candidate sources and identify where your best candidates come from.
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Job Reports

Holistic visions on your position to fill

Analyze your jobs as a whole or individually. Job reports provide the most valuable metrics on the positions you and your team are working on.
Generate insights at the job level to get a comprehensive vision of efforts and progresses made.
Complete visibility on the contributions operated by your team for a given job.
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Hiring Performance Reports

In-depth reporting of your recruitment metrics

Manatal advanced reporting provides detailed recruitment data that helps identify bottlenecks in your recruitment funnel. Find actionable solutions for them by tracking and improving critical KPIs like time to hire, cost of hire, reasons for rejection, recruitment performance ratios, and many more.
Advanced team performance reports for keeping track of all recruiters' progress.
Over 20 KPIs and ratios pre-built and visualizable out-of-the-box: Cost-Per-Hire, Time-To-Hire...
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Leaderboard Reports

Reporting on your team performance and efforts

Follow your leaderboard through candidate, recruitment, and job metrics such as candidates created and owned, placements made, closing rates, and many more. Gamify recruitment operations by setting rules and incentives based on recruiter performance and KPIs.
Granular insights at the recruiter-level to get a complete visibility on their efforts and progress.
Multiple key metrics tracked: candidates created, placement made, closing rates, etc.
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Sales Reports

Sales Reports and Forecasting for Recruitment Professionals

For Recruitment, Headhunting, and Staffing agencies, identify bottlenecks and improve sales performance by monitoring your sales funnel and tracking the results of each of your sales team over time.
Commercial reporting tailored for Recruitment professionals providing insights on the sales funnel.
Monitoring of the performance by at the recruiter level to identify top-billers and low-performers.
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Revenue Tracking

ROI calculation

Start tracking and managing revenues directly within Manatal. Link revenues to jobs, clients, and your team to measure ROI across all your team’s recruiting efforts.
Revenue reporting at any given time to get a comprehensive vison of your incoming cashflow.
ROI forecasting based on your pipeline stage and closing date expected.
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