Candidate Sourcing

Finding candidates is easier than ever with Manatal's intelligent candidate sourcing tools.
LINKEDIN sourcing Extension

Import candidates directly from LinkedIn

Import candidate profiles directly from LinkedIn to Manatal via our Chrome Extension tailored for sourcing. Parse candidates' public information and attach them to the candidate profiles in your ATS. Connect with, short-list, and save candidates that best fit your job requirements.
Automatic profile extraction: Import all candidate details from Linkedin to the relevant fields.
No extra cost: Our LinkedIn Sourcing Extension is available for all price plans.
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Job Board Multiposting

Share your jobs on +2,500 free & premium channels

Share your job openings on 2,500+ free and premium channels, including local, global, and specialized job platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerJet, JobStreet, and many more.
2,500+ job boards: Global, local and specialized free and premium platforms integrated natively.
Manage all your sponsored job advertising campaigns from a single platform.
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Centralized Resume Database

Centralize your resume database

Link any job board to Manatal to automatically converge all your applicants into one platform. Candidates who apply will have their profiles created in Manatal and attached to the job they applied for.
Automatic candidate profile creation and information parsing for every resume received.
Job board connect: Connect job boards not integrated with Manatal in a matter of minutes.
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Branded Career page

Design your branded career page with no code

Design and launch your branded career page in your favorite language without any technical development. Showcase your employer branding with rich media, including visuals and videos; customize application forms with multiple format of fields.
Launch and customize your career page in a few clicks with a no-code interface.
Fast setup and compatibility with all web platforms: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and others.
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Resume Parsing

Automatic extraction of resume information

Candidates applying through your career page, job boards, or any other channel are parsed and scored based on their capabilities, work experience, talents, and skillsets.
Detection, extraction, and classification of candidates' information.
Bulk parsing support; import one or many resumes and parse them in batch.
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Referral Management System

Launch and manage your candidate referral program

Manatal Candidate Referral System is designed to support and frame your employee referral program. View, add, and tag referred candidates, save referrers’ contact information, and aggregate valuable data from your career page directly into Manatal.
Launch and manage your candidate referral program effortlessly and integrate it into your career page.
Simple and straightforward, natively integrated with Manatal Career Page.
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Vendor Management system - VMS

Collaborate seamlessly with all your recruitment partners

Manatal Vendor Management System - VMS - allows hiring teams and recruitment agencies to work together more efficiently. Share selected job vacancies with one or multiple recruitment agencies and receive candidates through Manatal Vendor Portal.
Collaborate with all your recruitment partners in one place without the hassle of back-and-forth emails.
Improve time-to-hire by getting detailed information on the progress of your partners.
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Social Media Job Sharing

Share your jobs on social media in one-click

Expand your reach and boost your job opening visibility by sharing your vacancies on social media directly from your Manatal-hosted career page.
One-click job sharing on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more.
Fully integrated with Manatal Career Page with no setup required.
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Resume Deduplicate Management

Keep your database clean of duplicated candidates

Manatal detects and notifies you of potential duplicate candidates and allows you to merge multiple profiles - automatically or manually - or even keep multiple resumes for the candidate.
Detection and notification of potential candidates' duplicates based on multiple data points.
Resume versioning management allowing you to store several resume versions for a single candidate.
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Resume Mass Upload

Bulk and mass import of resumes

Save time during candidate creation by batch-uploading resumes; Manatal automatically creates unique candidate profiles while parsing resumes uploaded.
Import and parse resumes efficiently, whether you got one or thousands of them.
Drag-and-drop upload interface designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use.
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