Branded Career Page

Your career page is the first impression of your company that candidates encounter. Create a career portal that perfectly captures and reflects your employer’s brand and company identity to maximize incoming applications. Create or link your career page to Manatal in mere seconds.
Build your Branded Career page

Create and design a branded career page with no code

Design and launch your branded career page in a few minutes with no development or technical assistance required. Showcase your employer branding with rich media including images and videos. Customize your application forms with every field you need.
No development required: Manatal Career Page can be setup and customized with no technical resources.
Fast setup, compatibility with all web platforms: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and others.
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Link Your Existing Career Page

Integrate your existing career page via API

Effortlessly link an existing career page via Manatal's Career Page API and start receiving applications directly in Manatal.
Streamlined ATS integration via Manatal Career Page API.
Map your job application forms with Manatal to automatically parse candidate information.
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Streamlining applicant flow

Receive Candidate Directly in Your ATS

All candidates applying through your career page are parsed and scored based on qualifications, professional experience, and skills directly on your Manatal account. They will be saved to your database and you will be able to access them at any time.
Automatically receive and proceed all applications received into your ATS.
Parse resume and score applications received for a given job.
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Custom Applications Forms

Customize Your Job Application Forms

Customize the application forms on your Manatal career page to fit your hiring needs and specific requirements related to the job you’re hiring for. Use application forms not only to collect contacts and resumes but also to get a head start on identifying top talents.
Create custom application forms in an intuitive way.
Leverage mandatory and optional fields, open questions, drop-down lists and many more.
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