Recruitment CRM

From managing leads and clients, email communication and collaboration, all the way to placement management and revenue tracking, leverage Manatal’s recruitment CRM tools to centralize all your customer-related activities.
Client Relationship Management

Track your entire commercial pipeline in one place

Track and manage your clients from prospecting to closing. Customize the stages of your sales pipeline, integrate your email to centralize communication, add contacts and notes to ensure everyone on your team is on the same page, collaborate with clients, and much more.
Commercial pipeline dedicated to recruitment professionals to track business development activities.
Bring together the power of Manatal ATS and CRM to keep track of both recruitment and commercial activities.
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Linkedin Sourcing Extension

Import candidates directly from LinkedIn

Import candidate profiles directly from LinkedIn to Manatal via our Chrome Extension designed for sourcing. Parse candidates' public information and add it to their profiles in a few clicks. Connect with, short-list, and save the candidates that best fit your job requirements.
Automatic profile extraction: Import all candidate details from Linkedin to the relevant fields.
No extra cost: Our LinkedIn Sourcing Extension is available with all price plans.
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Integrated Emails

Integrated mailbox for all communications

Use Manatal Inbox to communicate via email with your leads, clients, and candidates, and quickly retrieve past communications in Manatal. Create templates for yourself and share them with your team. Leverage your integrated mailbox for all correspondences.
Send your email campaigns directly from Manatal to update your candidates in batches.
Consent management system compliant with GDPR and other data protection acts.
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Client Guest Portal

Collaborate with clients through a dedicated view

Share your progress with clients through our Manatal Guest Portal. Grant clients access to the data you want to share, and interact with them through a customized view allowing clients to interact with your team for seamless and effective collaboration.
Dedicated and fully customizable view for 3rd parties designed for seamless interactions.
Granular permission management available at the role level.
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Candidate Placement Management

Track placements' onboarding

Track and manage every new placement throughout each step of their employment experience, from offer letter to probation and beyond. Leverage the full potential of Manatal’s recruiting software and customize each milestone to reflect your clients and your processes.
Keep track of onboarding events such as starting dates, probation periods, or end of employment.
Customize onboarding milestones for a given job.
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Revenue Tracking

Track and forecast incoming revenue

Track and manage revenues directly within Manatal’s recruitment CRM. Know exactly how much money is coming in by tracking revenue across clients over time. Link revenues to jobs, clients, and your recruiters to measure ROI across your team’s hiring efforts.
Quickly measure ROI across all your team’s recruitment activities.
Identify and pinpoint recruitment best practices for continuous improvements.
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Commercial Analytics

Granular commercial reportings out-of-the-box

For Recruitment, Headhunting, and Staffing agencies, Manatal’s recruitment CRM allows you to identify bottlenecks, improve sales performance by monitoring your sales funnel, and track the results of each of your sales team members over time.
Track sales funnel and team performance versus your key core metrics.
Identify painpoints and bottlenecks to the development of your activites.
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