Team Collaboration and Task Management

Good teamwork is key in the recruitment process. Manatal helps you enhance your collaboration, communication and task planning both internally and externally so that your team, your hiring managers, and third parties can all work with efficiency to shortlist candidates and manage their journey through the hiring process.
Roles & Permissions

Advanced permission management system

Assign different levels of permissions to your team members, including Administrator, Manager, Consultant, or Recruiter. Users can only access and edit the information assigned to them.
Restrict access to sensitive information to specific group of users.
Grant permissions at a granular level to manage your organization as you see fit.
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Guest Portal

Frictionless collaboration with all recruitment stakeholders

Share your progress with clients or internal team members through our customizable external view. Grant them access to the data you want to share (salary, contact details, social media, resumes, etc.) and interact with them through Manatal.
Fully customizable portal listing selected job vacancies and recruitment progresses shared between parties.
Manage effective collaboration between recruitment team, hiring managers, and recruitment agencies.
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Team Chat

Communicate with team chat and notes

Integrated chat system for fast and efficient collaboration. Tag team members in a note to pass on helpful information or make case-specific comments. Assigned team members receive notification of all your messages.
Interact with your teammates in a fast and effective way and address them notifications.
Keep track of all notes and communications regarding specific candidates or job openings.
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Integrated Emails

Centralize every communications

The integrated email feature spares users the hassle of working on two platforms simultaneously. Use the Manatal inbox to communicate via email with your candidates.
Leverage a unified mailbox for all correspondence without juggling between systems.
Create templates for yourself and share them with your team for unified communication.
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Tag your candidates

Candidate tags allow users to save time while managing and searching for candidates. Use tags to filter candidates in ‘Job Recommendations,’ ‘Quick Search,’ and ‘Boolean Search.’ Identify candidates with availability and blacklisted tags.
Create your own set of tags and apply them to candidates’ profiles.
Leverage candidate' tags as searchable criteria and retrieve a set of candidates whenever you need them.
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Email Templates

Your email communication standardized

Save time and maintain consistent communication with your candidates by creating and sharing email templates with your team that covers each stage of the hiring process.
Pre-written and standardized notification templates matching all recruitment stages.
Create and share your email templates with your team to unify your communications.
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Job Templates

Pre-built job templates

Create and share job templates to standardize your hiring team’s communication. Effectively and efficiently communicate with candidates about your company’s culture and identity.
Use job descriptions template to save time.
Over 500+ job descriptions ready-to-use curated by industry.
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Job Requisitions

Launch and manage job requisitions

Ensure effective workforce planning with Manatal’s Job Requisitions feature. Raise job requisitions and manage the requisition process within Manatal to help coordinate all parties and make sure new roles can be approved quickly.
Launch and manage job requisitions in a streamlined way.
Coordinate all the job requisition process directly within Manatal preventing email back-and-forth.
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Activity Calendar

Planify your recruitment milestones

Easily add activities, tasks, and events (meetings, calls, tasks, emails) to your interface through the Activity Calendar. Manage and set all types of settings to ease your workload and keep track of your milestones.
Schedule your meetings, calls and other activities directly within Manatal.
Easily integrate your Outlook / Office365 or Google Suites mailbox and calendar.
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Activity Reminders

Never miss an important milestone

Manatal Home Dashboard displays the day's activities. A practical and compact solution designed to remind employees of priority tasks and upcoming activities for the following days.
Reminder notifications to always keep an eye of your upcoming milestones.
Fully configurable and tailored as per your needs.
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To-Do List

Organize and manage your recruiting tasks

Organize and manage your tasks through Manatal’s To-Do List. Assign activities to other users, keep track of completed tasks or monitor your team’s progress. Each candidate or job profile displays active tasks related to their recruitment process.
Establish your To-Do list directly in Manatal to be always up to date.
Assign activities to your teammates and keep track of their progress.
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Fully Customizable Notification System

Setup and customize your notifications

Fully customizable notification system with opt-in/opt-out management to keep track of what matters. Receive notification in-app, by email, or both.
Fully customizable notification system based on events.
In-app and email notifications with opt-in/opt-out functionality.
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