Why choose Manatal over RecruitCRM

Why Manatal

Intuitive and powerful

Unlike RecruitCRM, Manatal comes with the following:
Automatic AI Based Candidates Scoring
Social media enrichment of candidates
Job requisitions management
And more
Upgrade to the new generation platform that takes only 15 minutes to master with a dedicated customer support team for only US$ 15 per user per month.
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We have what RecruitCRM doesn't have

Indexation of LinkedIn Skills on the Candidate’s Profile
Automatic AI Based Candidates Scoring
Automated Recommendation of Jobs Based on Candidate Profile
Automated Recommendation of Candidates Based on Job Description
Automatic Extraction of Candidate Information on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook,…)
Automated CV/Resume Formatting and Branding
Candidates Onboarding & Employee Management
Job Requisitions Management

The right ATS investment

RecruitCRM’s pricing starts from $40/user/month, while Manatal’s entry plan is at $15/user/month only.

What’s more, it includes many powerful features absent from RecruitCRM, such as AI Recommendations, Social Media Enrichment, resume formatting, Job Requisitions, and many more.

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candidate enrichment

AI-Based Recommendation System

Manatal uses unique AI-based technology to help you find the top talents in your database for each given opening. We compare candidates' skills, prior experiences, education, and more data points to generate automatic candidate recommendations based simply on a job description or on the criteria you select.
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candidate enrichment

Indexation of LinkedIn and Resume Skills

Manatal’s enrichment system makes it easy to index relevant skills from LinkedIn profiles or resumes. Simply create new candidates through LinkedIn or by downloading their CV and Manatal software will create an extensive and detailed candidate scorecard from the data within.
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candidate enrichment

Know your Candidates Better

As soon as you create a new candidate profile, Manatal’s AI tools browse the web in search of data on more than 20 social media platforms. The feature allows recruiters to get to know their candidates, their capabilities, and their goals. Once integrated, the platform displays all of the information from the candidate’s social media accounts on a single page.
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