Developing HR Technology: Intelligent Recruitment for 2020 and Beyond

The development of HR as a set of processes is more Tech guided than it used to be. It stands to reason that as businesses develop and branch out into various industries, that new technology would emerge to aid, streamline, and largely automate certain aspects of the operations.

From ATS and recruitment software to management and communication tools, Tech solutions have been and continue to be on the rise as we dive deeper into 2020. Despite the difficulties of this particular period, innovative software products are being developed to help companies adapt and survive.

But each company has different needs and focal points. Some tasks take priority over others, and in a way, this shapes the personal internal process of the company.  The 2020 Singapore HR Tech market map by Adrian Tan & HR Tech sg paints a clear picture of the diverse focal points that different companies target through the software functions that they choose to adopt.

Talent Acquisition

Though done differently depending on the company, talent acquisition is generally the same in terms of Tech requirements. A healthy blend of Applicant tracking software, referral programs, and job portal visibility can more or less fulfill any company’s recruitment needs regardless of its size. Of course, there’s always room for improvement by incorporating screening software, background checks, etc.

A while back, we optimized this recruitment blend on Manatal’s platform by incorporating job board integration features that allow our users to link their open position listings directly to our software. All incoming applications are now automatically parsed for data that the ATS uses to create and match candidate profiles to the appropriate job.

This feature is our way of condensing the various job posting channels into one interface, one software capable of storing and tracking the applicant and job’s data throughout the pipeline and beyond placement.

AI for the perfect match

As mentioned above, HR tech solutions automate a portion of the work. However, the judgment of the candidate’s qualifications has been a human task for a while. Of course, though this makes sense, there’s still difficulty and a lot of invested time when going through hundreds of resumes at a time looking for a specific skill set. 

However, our AI recommendation engine goes further in automating this particular task so that there are fewer resumes for recruiters and HR professionals to go through. Once a candidate’s profile is created and matched to a certain open position on the Manatal platform, the AI recommendation engine automatically scans their resume, profile and special skills. Your talent pool is then rated and scored for how well they fit the position based on experience, capabilities and of course, the job’s requirements.

This provides recruiters with a smaller amount of finalist resumes, ones that are rated for priority and value. Instead of diving into a pile of applications, recruiters and HR professionals can now achieve placement faster, more efficiently and with higher chances for post-placement success.

The key market players

At first glance, it looks like there are far more HR tech solutions that cater to talent acquisition than any other aspect. This might very well be true but it’s due to the fact that sourcing candidates is most likely one of the first HR functions to be given so much focus from the tech world. 

It also remains one of the more time-consuming and slow-burning processes in any company. As such, it makes sense that there are more players in the field in talent acquisition. What we’ve come to notice, however, is that each single tech solution in that category provides at least one unique feature catering to a certain aspect of recruitment. Each software is built differently, by a team with a unique perspective. 

The result? A range of different solutions that seem similar on a surface level. As a recruitment agency or HR professional, decision-making is difficult here. 

To that end, Manatal offers a 14-day free trial period in which users can test all features and have access to the full software’s capabilities. The trick with implementing tech into your recruitment is to define which software serves your needs, and this can be only be achieved by actually testing it yourself.

Though this HR market map paints a picture of HR tech in Asia, the trend of implementing these different solutions is the same worldwide. The names differ, but the requirements for successful talent acquisition remain centered around the same healthy mixture of ATS innovation and social job portal integration.

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