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4 guidelines to help you build an excellent career page

A great career page can be a powerful tool for talent acquisition. It has the capacity to inform, entice, and convert curious visitors into excited applicants. It’s your brand’s direct line of communication with the talent market, and it plays the role of fully representing and promoting your brand.

Its benefits are clear. But for a career page to yield positive results, it’s important to focus on different aspects such as visual design, written content, and user experience to name a few.

1- Consider the user journey

The user journey is one of the main pillars of any company’s digital success. It’s just as important for customer acquisition as it is for recruitment. Employers must always consider the UX issues that may turn away valuable candidates.

First of all, any and all relevant information must be easy to find and understand. Employers can ask themselves “What would I look for as an applicant?”

The job details should be structured in such a way that an applicant would encounter the job brief first, followed by the responsibilities, and then the requirements. This ensures that the first contact applicants have is with a brief introductory piece of information that sums up the entire page.

Beyond that, buttons and CTAs must be well-placed on the page. There should be “Apply” buttons at the top and the bottom of the page. Some companies include forms that applicants can complete at the bottom of the job description. Account for how applications are submitted.

On-page submission is a much more convenient method than email-based submission. This further enhances the experience and motivates applicants to finalize their application then and there.

It’s also important to remember that it is a highly digital era and that quite a substantial number of applicants would visit your career page on their phones. Consider mobile accessibility, it has an effect on how your company is perceived. A struggling and slow-loading mobile version of your career page can frustrate and turn away job seekers.

2- Write captivating and compelling content

Don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to accomplish with this page. The content you write must be as compelling as your marketing copy. They aren’t potential clients, but applicants need to be persuaded regardless. You’re “selling” the company, the culture within, and the vision. While clients may not find that as essential to acquiring your services, applicants pin a lot of importance on these factors.

Your content must, at all times, capture the brand as well as the company’s internal culture. It needs to accurately captivate the position and must be written in such a way that it promotes the company, the job, and the benefits.

There’s a lot that can be done to entice applicants, and that can be found in the messages you choose to convey on your career page. Mission and vision statements can be powerful here.

3- A brand’s digital imprint

Your career page must reflect your brand.

Consistency is key here. And showing that you care about/pay attention to your efforts to maintain a consistent representation of your brand is fundamental to motivating future applicants. Consider your brand’s colors, fonts, imagery, and design.

Draw inspiration from your official website, make sure that the question “Who are we?” is answered in a subtle and seamless manner. You can also link valuable content, pages, or resources that you believe are relevant or can influence the candidate’s perception of the company.

4- Promote your company culture

What’s your office like? How does the team interact? What do you do on Halloween? Here you should convey the social aspect, the above-and-beyond of internal interaction. Professionals spend an overwhelming amount of their time in the office, and they will always want to know that they can fit in.

They want to know about the “chill area” where they can relax with a coffee or the after-work activities that the team organizes.

You spent time and effort building your company culture, and this is the right place to flaunt it. It serves to not only satisfy and retain current employees but to showcase a “dream environment” to job seekers.

Paying attention to each of these elements, as well as focusing on maintaining consistency between your brand and your brand’s career page can be a powerful influencing factor on a job seeker’s decision to keep reading and hitting the “apply” button afterwards.

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