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4 Tips to select a recruitment CRM for your headhunting agency

Recruitment CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management software, a tool built on technology capable of managing customer data and segmenting them as fits your recruitment agency’s process.

Built to develop interactions with existing and prospective clients alike, recruitment CRM helps companies streamline processes so they can boost their sales, improve customer service, and better strategize in terms of lead conversion.

In previous articles, we’ve spoken about the benefits of recruitment CRM, as well as the various problems that it solves. In this article, we’ll explore a few aspects to consider when choosing a recruitment CRM solution.

1- Look for the ATS- recruitment CRM combination

Recruitment software comes in many different forms. Solutions focus on different aspects, and the experience using them can differ. In order to get the most out of your software, make sure you choose one that completely covers your recruitment agency’s needs in client data management and talent market efforts.

While a CRM helps centralize all customer information and offers possibilities to develop their experience with your company, an ATS is a must-have tool for today’s recruitment. Though they have different purposes, the two tools can work together to enhance your recruitment processes as well as your interactions with your clients.

Recruitment software such as Manatal that provide both an ATS and a recruitment CRM open up new possibilities for collaboration and client contribution. For example, using Manatal’s guest access portal allows your recruitment agency’s clients to access their ongoing projects and monitor their progress. In fact, they’re able to view each recruitment campaign and leave notes relating to candidates and open positions for your team to view. In this regard, the ATS-CRM combination in Manatal’s software simplifies the process, as you won’t need to waste your time preparing presentations and slides for your clients. Now, they can simply access the platform and directly view the campaign’s progress in real-time.

2- Prioritize cloud-based recruitment CRM

The growth of software solutions in the direction of cloud-based hosting is a very significant element to consider. Without the need to download and install software applications on multiple company computers, users are beginning to prefer secure online cloud hosting and all the accessibility perks that come along with it.

Cloud-based solutions such as Manatal’s recruitment CRM ensure that client data remains consistent across the entire platform for every single user, updated in real-time for all accounts with approved access.

Your team can easily and quickly access client data, input notes, and quick updates, as well as communicate with coworkers and decision-makers. The cloud-based nature of the software makes accessing the data possible anywhere at any time. With the current state of global business development, it’s quite handy for companies with a remote work model.

3- Focus on leads & conversion

For recruitment agencies, building a satisfied client base is critical to continued business success. Recruitment is a never-ending cycle, and fulfilling hiring needs today do not guarantee perpetual satisfaction with the workforce. Recruitment agencies need to focus on properly developing the client relationship from the very beginning as it has the potential to influence their decision to hire you again for future recruitment campaigns.

To that end, companies can utilize a recruitment CRM to aid the sales team in keeping track of potential clients and the progress made so far. Focusing on the client’s journey means improving processes that cater to identifying, adding, and segmenting leads according to your sales team’s needs and preferences.

With valuable client and lead data aggregated on one platform, your sales team can view the client base from a wider lens, allowing them to properly compartmentalize their lead conversion efforts for the best results.

4- Consider the pricing

Software solutions aren’t always affordable.

In the recruitment software sphere alone, some legacy solutions remain to this day an expensive investment that companies aren’t so sure about. But a sizable subscription retainer does not equate to high quality. In fact, legacy solutions still suffer the shortcomings of their early development, with one aspect or another lacking the development needed to stand out.

However, new-generation solutions such as Manatal integrate CRM functionalities in an effort to normalize their presence within recruiting software, so that it may work concurrently with ATS features for a complete, well-crafted A to Z system.

In fact, while the outdated practice of demanding extra fees for access to certain functionalities persists, Manatal’s recruiting software grants use of all features including the ATS system and the recruitment CRM at consistent package rates that start at $15 a month! Always consider the pricing before you invest.

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