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5 Inspiring Career Pages & How You Can Build Your Own with Manatal

Commodities that society puts the highest value on change constantly. First, it was gold, followed by oil, and in the past few years, it was data. 

But that has changed yet again. 

Now, it’s all about amazing employees that are worth their weight in gold for all businesses – small and large.  After all, great companies are built when a diverse group of employees, who believe in collaboration, team up to create magic – together.

However, recruiting the best and most talented people is not easy, is it?

While the answer is multi-faceted, you can begin your hunt by building an inspiring career page that attracts the best employees to apply to your company.

Let’s explore five inspiring career pages and help you build your own in just a few clicks!

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is everyone's go-to mood board. Whether one wants to get inspired or inspire others, it is any creative person’s den. 

Embracing a design thinking approach, it offers an ideal illustration of what it takes to build an effective careers page with spot-on communication.

The color palette used is bright yet easy on the eyes. Text is minimal, easy to read, and presented in a visual form that is each line has a different font size that helps the user navigate easily from top to bottom.

It’s not the visual presentation alone that makes them stand out, though. The company has integrated interactive videos that showcase employees’ testimonials. 

So, here’s our first lesson in creative career pages: choose video over text-based testimonials. 

2. Netflix

Netflix has redefined what makes a career page great. Netflix’s pioneering approach to recruitment and hiring has a number of lessons for all brands out there.

The streaming giant’s career page is more like an interactive, visually appealing dashboard than just a plain, old page. Modern companies and startups have broken stereotypes, and job seekers love that attitude. 

To attract a large number of potential employees, Netflix advertises its diversity on its careers page. Showcasing gender, racial, and ethnic diversity is a stroke of genius one can expect from Netflix only. 

This helps Netflix filter out people who might not be a good cultural fit leading to less work for the talent acquisition time, and a more effective lead.

Moreover, to complement its hiring process through the careers page, Netflix has developed social channels and podcasts targeted at new job seekers. 

Hence, if you are wondering how to increase effective leads, increase traction on your careers page, and use visual dashboards, Netflix’s career page might be your frame of reference.

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3. Spotify

Do you agree that less is more? Even if you don’t, give Spotify a chance, and it could change your mind. 

It highlights the number of available positions in different locations. 

Moreover, the chat bubbles are used to showcase available job opportunities. It might appear a simple trick, but it does wonders for the company. By using chat bubbles, Spotify ensures that prospective employees don't miss out on any job opportunities (especially since reading chat bubbles is easier and comes naturally to a tech-savvy generation).

So, we can safely say that scanning Spotify’s career page is an excellent exercise for anyone looking to learn how creativity blends with functionality, and how to help site visitors read attentively. 

The red background is complemented by light color font, and spacing is sparse, emphasizing vital information that leads to a holistic and well-created career page.

4. Red Bull

Red Bull has made quite a brand impression on us with its stunning and visually rich career page that features sporting events' videos and exhibits athletic wonders.

Its recruitment is global. For a brand as massive as Red Bull, the task of making the career page user-friendly is an uphill battle.

Despite the challenge, Red Bull is remarkably at ease with offering a user-friendly page for a global audience. The page features a copy that reads, “Your Journey Starts Here” which is inviting as well as comforting.

Below the one-liner, Red Bull has an intuitive search option to look for specific jobs in specific regions. In addition, it also displays the most popular jobs, so that candidates can apply with only a couple of clicks.

5. Zendesk

Zendesk takes the lead with its innovative design and thinking strategy.  They chose to rebel against the traditional text and listicles for job openings. 

Instead, Zendesk has attracted the most sought-after talent with a simple trick: video and visuals! The company's career page doesn’t have a lot of text or content. 

Moreover, their videos are proof of their worldwide culture. It's a great example of how to build an iconic career page on a limited budget.

Here are some key ideas from Zendesk’s careers page:

  • Video testimonials give your company life. If you are looking to brand your business, employees’ video addresses could be the number one tool to increase brand equity.
  • Moreover, it offers site visitors a chance to see what their co-workers and workplace are like.

Do you remember the last time you read terms and conditions in the fine print? We don’t either. Zendesk understands that. Users don’t like to read the fine print if they even read it!

Thus, an interactive video is better suited to a career page than multiple pages of textual information. 

Build Your Own Careers Page with Manatal 

Manatal, a leading global recruitment software, is transforming the way recruitment is done. 

With Manatal, your career page can become the best communication strategy to link leading talent with your company. 

Our platform offers two main services that allow you to build a career page from scratch and hire effortlessly. 

  • Customizable Career Page

Every company has a brand personality and brand voice. The brand personality must resonate in all of the company's communication and marketing efforts. Thus, a customizable career page that aligns with your company’s brand value and personality is significant. 

It allows new and future employees to connect with your company and become loyal employees once they are hired. 

  • Seamless Integration

But what if you already have a career page? Does it mean it's too late for you to hire the top talent? 

Not entirely true. 

Manatal offers you a chance to integrate its recruitment software with your careers page.  If you feel confused about what this integration means for your business, you can check the list below:

  1. The integration allows you to scale your existing page. Whether you get a hundred visitors or a thousand, your career page will never encounter crashes.
  2. Manatal’s recruitment software would allow you to store all the data and save them for later. Thus, you’d get a database of eligible employees ready to be recruited.
  3. Here’s the cherry on top: Manatal’s artificial intelligence even ranks the candidates based on their experience, expertise, and match for a job. Consequently, you get a simplified view of which candidate to hire. 

Parting Thoughts

Your people are your biggest asset. Period. Invest in human capital, and you’ll pave your way to success.

Need help with sourcing the right talent and building a structured talent pipeline? Manatal has you covered. Start your free 14-day trial today!

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