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5 Reasons You Need a Recruitment CRM when Starting a Headhunting Agency

Starting a headhunting agency can be very difficult because the landscape is extremely competitive. As a headhunter, the talent pool can be limited and chances of fighting over the same candidate are high.

However, the demand of establishing one is still undeniable. The global recruitment services market size is expected to increase and stand at $898 billion by the end of 2027, attributing a CAGR of 4%.

Companies work with such agencies because they want to acquire the best of the best and cannot afford to hire the wrong candidate. Every action should be taken with precision to ensure success and survival at all times. 

Recruitment CRM can help in this regard. In this article, we’ll show the advantages that it can give to jumpstart your newly-founded business.

First, let’s compare: agencies with and without recruitment CRM

Recruitment agencies that use recruitment CRM yield better results than those that don't.

With its powerful capabilities, recruitment CRM aids in promoting effective team collaboration, satisfying customer journey, strong customer relationships, and lasting brand credibility and trust. You can read more about it here.

Working without utilizing recruitment CRM or any other HR software makes the business operations more manual-- demanding more time and effort in achieving otherwise what could have been the same, or even better, results!

As a starting headhunting agency, you must do whatever you can to establish and maintain a good start for your business. This is where recruitment CRM comes in.

5 reasons why you need recruitment CRM when starting a headhunting agency

1. Helps track and manage customers more efficiently

With an easy-viewing platform, you can track the status of every lead and existing client easily without missing any details. From customer profile down to the progress status of each, it is all centralized for your convenience.

Everything is complete in a single pipeline view, so you organize contacts as needed. The moment you include them into your pool of customers, you will be able to monitor their status as they go forward with the sales process.

2. Register and access customer data with just a few clicks

Say goodbye to manual input! Manatal has a cloud-based data storage where you can easily register and access information anytime, anywhere in a matter of seconds.

With its data entry solution building your database is as easy as a few clicks. Access information online whether you’re out of the office or on your phone in real-time. This foregoes the trouble of digging through countless overwhelming details on excel sheets.

Think how convenient this can be for your business: a fast and accurate report in real-time.

3. Converts leads for overall company success

With recruitment CRM, you can devise strategies that can convert leads by paying close attention to their needs based on their progress.

You can properly execute efforts that will move them further along the pipeline via various conversion strategies. This can include customizing your pipeline for easier management, assigning designated recruiters per customer, following a reasonable follow-up schedule, and more.

Bear in mind that approaches vary per customer and which phase they are at. Go back to your data and play your game plan as you see fit.

4. Promotes team collaboration

For whatever reason an account is transferred, recruitment CRM makes it easier for team members to backtrack information and resume business thanks to its auto-sync data features.

Some recruitment CRM like Manatal have an integrated communication interface that allows recruiters to contact involved parties directly using the platform. That way, they can send emails and event invites, as well as add notes for supplementary information.

These are all automatically saved into the system for relevant team members to see-- allowing a faster and more accurate takeover.

This is essential because you can even track everything for the past year and revisit leads or existing clients as necessary.

5. Automated features that boost sales productivity

Last, but definitely not least, one of the most sought functions of recruitment CRM is its automated feature.

Leverage the potency of the software and make your work easier for you and your team. For instance, some allow users to schedule activity reminders. This is extremely beneficial for both recruiters and customers as they can plan ahead accordingly.

Regardless if it’s for follow-up, revisiting past leads, or re-establishing work relationships with existing clients, it is all possible with the right software.

Can your current recruitment CRM do all of these? Starting a headhunting agency is already hard enough. Let us make it easier for you.

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