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5 Great Statistics that Prove How Social Media Recruitment Helps Businesses

The purpose of social media, as the name suggests, was to allow people to interact with each other online. Without the limitations of distance and location, people can connect to one another instantaneously. However, it’s also proving to intertwine with recruitment and these statistics will show you why it’s okay for the business.

The Power of Social Media

You would see them everywhere on social media: online selling, advertisements, sponsored posts, influencer posts, and more. People are now utilizing social media as means to promote their business and reach people that otherwise would have been impossible to tap.

According to Oberlo, 3.78 billion people in the world are online. This great number, despite the country, is an opportunity for strategic-thinkers because all it takes are a few clicks to spread awareness.

Especially when you know which platforms to focus on, it’s understandable why businesses take advantage of the power of social media to bolster their marketing efforts and, ultimately, make more sales.

Social Media Recruiting

This applies to the HR sphere! In recruitment, 94% of recruiters use social media to conduct work efficiently and be more productive. Before we explain why, let's set the definition for this concept first.

In a nutshell, ‘social media recruiting or social recruiting is a way to source candidates through various online platforms. Examples would be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more-- even TikTok!

Recruiters know better that top talents are just around the corner. Since the competition for the “purple squirrel” or the perfect candidate is getting more and more challenging, this is a way for them to reach such prospects faster.

That’s the main goal of recruitment, right? To fill positions and add people to the workforce who can contribute well to the company. When this is successfully done, the impact it will have on your business is undeniable.

Statistics that Prove How Social Recruiting is Helpful for Businesses

These statements didn’t come out of thin air! There are tons of statistics that prove how beneficial it is. We’ve compiled a list that will get you reconsidering your current hiring approach.

1. “70% of managers said they have had success hiring candidates through social media”

That’s more than half of hiring managers saying that it was social media that helped them fill a vacancy. If in case you’re having a difficult time onboarding qualified candidates to the team, then you might want to take a step back and use this method, instead.

This will be great for the business because you secured another valuable employee who can ensure better productivity and produce more output. The ROI is truly worth noting.

2. “68% named LinkedIn as the social network that has brought them the most success”

Don't know which platform to focus on? A survey conducted by Agency Central revealed that all of their targeted respondents are on LinkedIn and named the website like the one that brought the most success.

Posting on jobs on social media shouldn’t be done blindly. Target accurately, and it will reap a lot of rewards. In this case, 68% are saying that LinkedIn should be on top priority!

3. “Recruiting via social media is growing with 84% of organizations using it currently and 9% planning to use it”

With the majority of organizations globally doing social recruiting, that tells you a lot about trends and potential outcomes. 84% is a big number and if all of them are integrating this into their recruitment system, then it’s clear that you should, too.

Keeping a close eye on what others are doing and improving it are business tactics that you should be doing. When you finally get the results, you’ll understand why they do it.

4. “Recruitment marketing reduced the overall cost of the hiring process by 20% or more for 24% of companies”

The world-class strategic research Aberdeen Group conducted a study that showed this type of recruitment marketing reduced the overall cost of the entire hiring process by 20% to 24% (depending on the company).

In businesses, numbers are important to track growth. If your costs are cut, that gives more revenue to the company! This is good news especially if you want to reach your sales target faster.

5. “71% of recruiters said social media recruiting was effective in decreasing time-to-fill for non-management, salaried positions"

Speaking of numbers, social media recruiting also reduced the time-to-full for some positions. Why is this important? If you spend less time filling a certain role, there are a lot of factors that you save upon, as well. This includes budget allocation, effort execution, and project management.

The recruiter can now use his/her saved time to do something equally important for the company. Plus, the organization itself added a new workforce who can bolster the entire operation. Again, it’s terrific ROI.

Are you convinced yet? Here at Manatal, our reliable cloud-based recruitment software allows you to post on various social media platforms to get you started on what you need.

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