How AI Helps Recruiters Ace Hiring Goals

Once seen as a concept from science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI)  is today one of the most widely used technologies for industries across the globe, as well as the everyday lives of people. Over 85% of U.S. citizens are now using products that are powered by AI. 

It’s not difficult to believe. Just take a look at your smartphone. Your favorite social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok are all using AI to optimize their capability in connecting you with your friends and your favorite content. AI helps these platforms manage a huge database, record your usage and preference, and extract information relevant to its users.

In the business world, many companies have adopted artificial intelligence for a wide range of reasons. Retail businesses rely on AI to learn their customers’ preferences and predict what items they would likely purchase next and make suggestions to them. The healthcare industry meanwhile, uses artificial intelligence to improve clinical outcomes.

At the same time, AI is efficiently helping both students and educators increase the quality of their papers and research with spell checking, plagiarism detection, word prediction, and more.  

For the recruitment industry, innovative technologies are undeniably essential tools that provide an advantage to companies or recruitment agencies over their competitors. And those tools, from chatbots to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), are all powered by Artificial Intelligence. Recruiters do not have to expend their time and effort on redundant tasks like documentation as AI-powered tools are able to handle these tasks, allowing them to be more productive and manage their valuable time on more strategic tasks. 

There is still a lot more to what Artificial Intelligence can do to optimize a recruitment process and help recruiters discover the best talents. Let’s take a closer look at this futuristic technology. See how it works and what more it can offer to help companies and recruitment agencies win the talent acquisition game. 

Hello AI

Artificial intelligence is defined as the simulation of data processes in machines that are tuned to think similar to humans. AI also refers to machines that display human-like attributes such as learning and problem-solving. 

Artificial intelligence’s unique feature is the ability to recognize obstacles and logically take actions that are most likely to achieve specific goals. AI collects data and automatically learns to adapt its processing via machine learning without requiring humans’ assistance. 

Many businesses in industries across the globe are now optimizing their operations and products with Artificial Intelligence. For example, a traditional industry like agriculture now uses AI insights to help produce healthier crops, eliminate pests, and monitor growing conditions. Farmers can analyze main factors in their planting like weather and soil conditions, temperature, and water usage with the help of AI.   

In the automotive industry, AI has become the main driver steering consumers towards smart cars and autonomous vehicles. Tesla, for instance, uses AI to connect all of its cars to a hive-like database. 

This helps elevate its consumers’ safety to another level. If one car takes an unexpected turn on a particular crossroad, all of the other Tesla cars will learn to make a safe turn on that certain location once the system is updated.

Jumping over to the entertainment industry, a streaming company like Netflix uses AI to learn and collect information about what movies or TV shows each of its viewers like to watch and make suggestions of what the users would like to click on and watch next. 

As a result, Netflix subscribers can save time scrolling through the application to find what they want to watch. AI is able to display exciting movies or interesting shows based on subscribers’ preferences and allow them to sit back, relax, and get right into the action the second they open Netflix. 

AI for Recruitment

The use of AI in recruitment brings with it lots of promise for the future. But before we head into tomorrow, let’s wind the clock back a bit to understand the history of AI in the recruitment industry. Back in 2014, Amazon, the global e-commerce company pioneered AI recruitment and implemented a tool that automatically screens applicants. 

However, things did not go according to plan. The software turned out to be biased and carried the same mistakes as humans. It was processing data based on the information of Amazon’s past decade of recruitment. This has led the software to discriminate against women. Once the result was shown, the company quickly eliminated the tool. However, this served as major learning for developers.

Evolving from past mistakes, Artificial Intelligence is now using machine learning to process the data and help recruiters find the best talent faster, and without bias. An AI-driven applicant tracking system like Manatal allows recruiters to make better decisions when it comes to selecting the right talents to join their teams. 

Recruiters can leave tasks like candidate sourcing via multiple online channels, candidate filtering based on collected information, and interview management with selected candidates to artificial intelligence tools. The valuable time saved can be used to strengthen relationships with candidates and customers.  

As a leading AI-powered applicant tracking system out in the market today, Manatal helps recruiters streamline the entire recruitment process and consolidate important tasks onto a single platform. 

Enhance Your Recruitment with AI 


As a recruiter working in a fast-paced environment, it is crucial to fill up the list of candidates quickly with qualified individuals. There are many tasks in the funnel - from posting jobs, sourcing candidates, screening applicants based on data in their CVs, and managing schedules for interviews, among others. 

An AI-powered applicant tracking system like Manatal helps recruiters reduce the workload and push the process forward, faster. The capability offered by AI that eases job postings and sourcing of candidates from multiple channels - from job boards to employee referrals - while diving through a high volume of CVs to find the best fit, can save you a whole lot of time and allow you to focus on other important or urgent tasks.

Manatal allows users to efficiently manage their recruitment tasks, post job advertisements across multiple online platforms at one go, and take over the candidate screening process based on information extracted from CVs and candidates' social media profiles.

Saves Your Budget In Recruitment 

Hiring new employees is a task that requires a fair amount of cost. In the case that your company is looking for a high volume of workers, you may have to invest in additional recruiters.

Although implementing an AI tool for recruitment demands an investment, the benefits - when used to its fullest capability - offer organizations the chance to increase productivity and drive greater returns on the investment made. 

With an AI tool for recruitment at your disposal, you no longer need to hire more recruiters to carry out tasks that can be automated and accomplished by technology ; hence optimize defacto cost-per-hire. At the same time, it ensures a return on your investment by helping you select candidates who fit the requirements for open positions, faster.

Solutions like Manatal come with competitive and transparent pricing and packages. At the same time, we offer a 14-day free trial for users to test innovative and cost-saving features without requiring credit card information.  

Improve Quality of Hire 

Your job posting determines the quality of your applicants. If your job advertisements fail to spark interest and excitement in quality candidates, you might end up with a large portion of applicants who do not necessarily fit the role.

An on-point job description is one of the main factors that attract quality talent. Publishing job advertisements that accurately show what kind of candidates you are expecting will help you find more candidates who meet the qualifications while filtering out those who are unqualified. 

In this regard, Artificial Intelligence is able to recommend the most suitable positions for candidates and the most suitable candidates for your open jobs within a blink of an eye. 

Not only does Manatal support companies and recruiters in their search for the right candidates with ready-to-use job description templates covering various positions in multiple industries from IT professionals to positions in the finance industry, and professionals in the film business, Its AI Recommendation System efficiently manages candidates' information and helps you identify the right candidates for any open positions without bias. 

Manatal scans job descriptions and extracts the core skills and requirements needed for candidates to perform well in the position at hand. Our AI recommendations then cross-reference the results with your talent pool in order to match the candidates who fit the position best. 

At the same time, we leverage all data related to the candidates to formulate recommendations and utilize both candidate and job information to optimize your hiring.

Say Goodbye to Redundant Tasks 

Manual tasks are nightmares to recruitment professionals today, especially when juggling multiple responsibilities like documentation, back filing, and scheduling interviews. It is indeed challenging to become more efficient while at the same time establishing and strengthening relationships with customers and candidates consistently.  

Artificial Intelligence can act as a recruiters’ personal assistant and handle all of those tedious tasks. Recruiters can be free of candidates’ CVs screening, CV uploading, or scheduling interviews. AI-powered Applicant Tracking Systems like Manatal allow you to also share your job listings on multiple platforms with ease. Now you can manage your own schedule and focus your time and effort on other important tasks that require your attention.  

Manatal’s ATS simplifies the recruiting process by centralizing the entire pipeline onto a single platform. Candidates' CVs are automatically sorted into the database while job advertisements can be published across several online channels like social media and job boards within a few clicks.     

Better Candidate Experience 

Aside from providing benefits to recruiters, Artificial Intelligence also gives a better experience to candidates. As candidate experience is a core element of the recruitment process, AI steps in as a tool that makes both recruiters’ and candidates’ lives much easier.  

For candidates, AI recommendations match their skills with job descriptions, making the screening process more efficient. As a result, it would push candidates through the recruitment pipeline faster and provide them with a better experience.   

Better candidate experience means higher chances of candidates having an interest in your company. When candidates receive answers, updates, or information regarding their applications quickly, they will be more compelled to stick with you and stay connected with your company.   

AI has the capability to strengthen connections between recruiters and candidates by providing data to make faster decisions - whether a yes or no - while the system automates timely responses to candidates. 

An easy and quick application process also counts as a foundation for a better candidate experience. AI-driven tools on the market like Manatal can help you customize a career page that leads job seekers directly to the application form. 

Keep your candidates connected and offer them the best experience with Manatal. Our mass emailing feature allows you to keep candidates in the loop. Sending emails to multiple recipients can be done easily within Manatal’s centralized platform. With the help of Manatal, you can also save email templates for future launches and simply schedule send-outs by the tips of your fingers

No More Lost Candidates 

Sometimes, the right candidates might end up being individuals who have applied for other positions earlier. It is hard to dig up a pile of data to find these people. For recruiters, overlooked candidates can be a wasted opportunity. AI databases help recruiters eliminate the risk of missing candidates by efficiently managing and storing their information.    

AI-powered tools are able to pull data from past applicants who may have qualities to fit the current open positions. Those applicants have already passed the interview process and have already established relationships with recruiters. This helps recruiters save their time and effort in connecting with new candidates.   

Manatal’s ATS consolidates information, messages, and feedback for each candidate or job vacancy throughout the recruitment process. The past information is securely stored for analysis and leveraged in the future. You will be able to access old conversations and past interactions with specific candidates and find the best talent for the jobs you are hiring for.

AI for Tomorrow’s Recruitment

It has been predicted that the future of work will certainly lie in automation. AI is not just a trend that will pass. It’s here to stay. Evidence can be found in major industries around the world. For example, the healthcare industry is continually embarking on the journey to automate and streamline processes for better patient care and diagnosis. 

While Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment industry has become the core engine in the candidate management process, it will likely grow. In this regard, the people surrounding the technology - recruiters and hiring managers specifically - would play a more important role in determining the right, data-driven hiring strategies for the future.

The Takeaways 

Although AI is a powerful technology that optimizes recruitment and pushes the process to its completion faster, people are still the most important component of recruitment strategy and decision-making. 

AI can be further developed to help recruiters make better decisions and perform better. As we head towards an automated future, AI-driven software is a recruiter’s main tool in building a strong digital foundation that leads them towards successful talent acquisition for the long term.

Manatal is a powerful digital solution equipped with Artificial Intelligence that simplifies the recruitment process and automates the pipeline while enabling recruiters to make the most out of their valuable time. 

Our innovative features like AI recommendations or the ability to post job advertisements across online platforms within a few clicks make recruiters easier while assuring that the right candidates will be found quickly. 

Start your 14-day Free Trial now and find out more about Manatal’s features that allow its users to save time and cost while improving the hiring quality above competitors.

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