Applicant Tracking System

Great Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

The rapid transition towards digitalization has driven the global industries to adapt and change their processes for the better. Paper documents will soon be unnecessary. Information exchanges and declarations are likely to be executed in a blink of an eye. 

As the business world evolves and shifts towards the digital realm, the recruitment industry has become more competitive. In order to stand out amongst competitors while sustainably expanding business, it is crucial for recruiters to arm themselves with a powerful digital tool that is able to simplify the process and boost productivity at the same time. 

For recruiters striving to rise above the digital transformation of recruitment by providing candidates with unmatched services, Applicant Tracking System can be one of the best, if not, the best digital solution. 

What is Applicant Tracking System?     

Essentially, Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a digital solution designed to make recruiters' days easier by a great deal. As a basic introduction to the system, it helps recruiters filter resumes, select top qualified candidates, and take care of time-consuming manual tasks like documentation. In a nutshell, an ATS provides the tools to manage recruitment operations from sourcing to onboarding.

Back in its early days, pioneering versions of ATS came with rudimental features. Nowadays, applicant tracking systems have evolved to include highly advanced technologies such as AI that streamline and automate most time-consuming and manual tasks.   

ATS are meant to optimize the hiring process with their capabilities in managing candidate data, allowing recruiters to focus on more important tasks that demand human touch such as building relationships with candidates.  

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The Importance of Applicant Tracking System

Technologies have brought convenience to a large range of business functions and industries. The recruitment world has gained many advantages from technological advancement. For candidates, applying for a job has never been this easy. Rewinding a clock back to two decades ago, job seekers had to manually fill out application forms for every company they applied to. Oftentimes, this process can take days of back and forth postal correspondence or, it would require a candidate to be physically present at the office. Now, they can simply fill out one digital application via an online platform and send it out to all companies they desire to work for.        

Unfortunately, job seekers’ newfound ability provided by digitalization has also brought about challenges for companies. On the receiving end, there is an abundance of applications flooding companies’ doors for each of their open positions. The applications are so high in volume that recruiters are stretched for time and struggle to properly review and manage each of them. This increases the probability of losing the best candidates, whose profiles are overlooked.

To remain competitive, progressive companies rely on ATSs as they provide the most efficient way to efficiently handle large amounts of candidate data.

Another important aspect that makes ATS a crucial part of recruitment today is that it helps companies build up their image by showcasing their culture, diversity initiatives, or any other branding initiatives.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

A Time-Saving Tool 

Compared to traditional application processing and hiring processes, ATS saves recruiting professionals huge amounts of valuable time. 

More than half of the received resumes are not even qualified or relevant to the job. An ATS is able to help you filter out all of the irrelevant applicants and create better candidate shortlists.  Reviewing and screening applicants can then be conducted in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. By efficiently speeding up and streamlining the process, recruiters will have the ability to focus their time on other important tasks like establishing relationships with candidates or even connecting with their clients in the case of recruitment agencies. Results? More productivity and better performance all around.     

Manatal, the leading Applicant Tracking System on the market offers corporate HR departments and recruitment agencies a complete digital solution in terms of end-to-end candidate management. Through advanced and innovative features that streamline sourcing and screening such as AI recommendations, candidate scoring, and social media enrichment, recruiters regain control of their time thus enabling them to focus where they add value the most.

Leverage your existing database of existing candidates and fasten the screening process with Manatal’s AI Recommendations and candidate scoring features.

It’s a Flexible System  

Modern ATSs have done away with the flaws of older legacy recruitment software. Manatal for example will require little to no implementation as everything is hosted in the cloud. While remaining very complete, the solution is so simple that anyone can use the software and little to no training is required. Lastly, going back to the fact that Manatal is hosted in the cloud, it doesn’t require any dedicated IT staff to maintain on the users’ side and all updates are provided automatically and seamlessly through the cloud.

While all companies engage in recruitment, most have processes that differentiate them from one another. That is why a solution like Manatal was designed to allow its users to mold their recruitment processes into the software rather than have users adapt to a flow arbitrarily dictated to them. These customizations take the form of customizing recruitment pipeline stages, or the ability to create custom fields in your candidate profiles or jobs just to name a few, all with the goal of providing users with the most flexible platform.

Manatal’s recruitment pipeline is extremely easy to use and customize. Simply drag and drop candidates from one stage to the next.

Post Job Ads Within a Few Clicks  

Online platforms are the primary go-to place for job seekers around the world, where recruiters can simply post their job ads. However, posting advertisements on one online channel might not be efficient enough. 

A well-designed ATS like Manatal’s acts like a megaphone that helps spread your job ads across the internet. With a few clicks, recruiters are able to efficiently promote job campaigns to thousands of channels to reach their target candidates. This can be achieved via several online channels including career pages, email, online job boards, and social media platforms. The result is that all candidates applying to these jobs will be automatically added to the relevant job within Manatal, ready to be screened by recruiters. This contrasts with job board posting without an ATS, where a recruiter would have to login into each job board to post an ad, and then return to each platform every day in order to manually check applications.

Using Manatal will allow you to distribute your jobs to thousands of free and premium channels in a few clicks only, and to receive all applications directly in the relevant job.

Centralized Database  

Going back and forth between programs to complete tasks while making sure of no mistakes in each step is a nightmare. At the beginning of the digital era, companies were still bound to carry out tasks via several platforms. The recruitment industry shared the same pain point. 

From sharing jobs, sourcing, engaging and screening candidates, scheduling interviews, to collaborating with the team, all of these processes had to be done in separate places and platforms which could take a lot of recruiters’ time. 

Manatal helps recruiters to conduct and execute the whole recruiting process on one platform. There is no need to switch back and forth between platforms. All of the data, details, and information regarding each step of recruitment will be consolidated in one place, easy to access 24/7. The streamlined process will allow you to manage and organize all of the tasks in a single platform.

Improve the Quality of Hire  

When it comes to shortlisting candidates, recruiters need to make sure that the candidates they have selected are qualified and fit the position.  

Fear not, ATS can save the day by optimizing the recruitment process with the capability of reviewing and filtering resumes while efficiently managing the list of potential candidates. With this feature, recruiters will be able to make better decisions on selecting the right and qualified candidate for the interview. 

Applicant Tracking Systems utilizes AI to scan for top talents who are hidden in candidate databases. By quickly identifying the most qualified candidates, the quality of your hiring and time to hire will improve in the long run.  

Seamless Collaboration Amongst the Team 

One of the issues companies had to deal with during the hiring process in the past is inefficient information exchange and poor communication between teams. Hiring managers weren’t able to clearly track the progress of their requisitions throughout the pipeline. This left them un-updated regarding the process of recruiting. This issue has grown exponentially with the rise of remote work due to the global pandemic.

Applicant Tracking System is able to seamlessly connect team members together while optimizing the internal communication process. All relevant parties will be able to exchange updates, review candidates, and leave notes and feedback or receive task assignments in an organized timeline.

With ATS, all concerned individuals will always be kept in the loop in each and every step of the pipeline while hiring managers will be able to track the progress of each project with full transparency. 

Moreover, an ATS like Manatal is able to seamlessly integrate with Google or Outlook calendars as well as various email systems.

Better Candidate Experience 

In a recruitment process, it is key to provide a good candidate experience as it is one of the main factors for candidates to say yes to your offer. Should you find the right individuals who possess the qualities that perfectly fit your culture but they have to go through many exhausting or desultory processes, they might hesitate and reject your offer, or even worse, turn to other offers.  

With help from an ATS, candidates will not have to go through complicated processes until they reach the end of the pipeline. ATS allows agencies to easily connect with candidates and streamline the recruitment process.  These tools allow recruiters to keep candidates informed throughout the process and potentially reduce the time it takes to hire a candidate. 

Help Establish Employer Branding

Applicant Tracking System is an efficient assistant that allows companies to develop a stronger brand image using, for example, the careers page on their websites.

Looking at this benefit in detail, ATS’ ability to customize and adapt to each company’s corporate identity makes it an excellent tool for establishing strong employer branding. Recruiting agencies are able to utilize logos, images, and even videos to create an online site that coincides with their identity.  

Create and customize in minutes only your own Manatal Career Page to showcase your openings and receive applications.


It is apparent that traditional methods in the recruitment process are no longer efficient in the world today, where businesses are transitioning into the digital era. As several businesses are searching for conventional ways, methods, and tools to optimize their operation and boost productivity to rise above the change and stay ahead of the current, recruiters must set their minds towards the future and arm themselves with digital solutions, in order to push their business ahead.      

Applicant Tracking Systems offer recruiters many benefits from digitalization and expand beyond success. Its features are specifically designed to optimize the recruiting process by centralizing information into a single platform while keeping all concerned individuals in continuous connection.

If your quest is to boost your productivity and elevate the hiring process with advanced technology while offering a higher quality of experience to both your candidates, an Applicant Tracking System is your answer.  

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