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How Manatal helps integrating social media in the recruiting strategy

The new generation of recruiters has revolutionized the use of social media. It is not only a social platform used to stay in touch with our social network it has also become an efficient tool for sourcing and recruiting the best candidates. Social media can be used to enhance the recruiting strategy of a company. When used properly, social networks can give recruiters a better understanding of their candidates. This helps them make the best choice when deciding which candidate is a suitable fit for a specific job. Here is why social media can give recruiters a better understanding of their candidates.

Know your candidate better

Most people choose the best information to put on their resume, they aim at being professional and thus by providing content that reflects a shiny image of their personalities. Unlike regular content found on resumes, social media posts can be a good reflection of candidates personalities. It can help recruiters to gain true insight into their candidates' profiles. Smart recruiters can interpret these posts to apprehend how candidates interact socially and to get to know what they are passionate about.

Candidates with embarrassing content on social media

Companies are becoming aware that their employees' image reflects the image of the company. Nowadays, people express their opinions on social media and also share moments of their lives. Some information posted on social media, especially public information about private life or even some opinions, that might be perceived as extreme can harm people’s image. And in consequence the company’s image. Therefore companies need to have an insight into their candidates' public social media posts. The social media strategy has its limits. Going through every candidates’ social media profile can be very time-consuming. Therefore not all recruiters use this strategy.

Manatal as a recruitment software can help recruiters track down candidates social media profiles and save them valuable time in their recruitment process. Manatal uses AI-driven aggregation and automated enrichment to extract the public social media profiles of candidates. Recruiters are provided with all the social media accounts and content related to their candidate in one click, saving them time and energy.

Manatal provides tools to help you with keeping track of the candidates’ consent to hold their data. GDPR empowers individuals with the right to control their data, it is a series of regulations established by the European Parliament and Council of the European Union in April 2016. You will be able to set objectives using our reports to stay GDPR compliant using Manatal’s solution.

Manatal can help you reinvent your recruitment strategy by providing with all your candidate's social media profiles and much more. It comes at a fair price, starting at $15 per month. If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to send us an email at

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