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How To Build A Strong Company Culture To Attract Great Candidates?

In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain top talents, you must do everything you can to improve the quality of your employees’ livesAccording to a Gallup survey, people between the age of 25 and 35 years old spent an average of 18 months in the same company in 2018, whereas they spent 24 months in 2000. Many different factors can explain this finding: a growing number of jobs in IT, new attitudes in the current generation, newer and easier ways of finding shorter-term jobs, and more internationalized competition among companies for top talents, to name a few.It’s a plus if your current ATS helps you attract and manage top talents. But it is even better if they are eager to stay with your company for the long haul. This is why improving your company culture is important. Here are some tips:

1. Ensure a clean and reputable online presence

Nowadays, when a candidate sees a job offer, it takes minimal effort for them to conduct a web search for comments and reviews about the company. In fact, searching for a new company today is not so different from searching for hotels for your upcoming holiday. The reputation of a business depends heavily on what others say about it online. Here are a couple steps you can take to improve this reputation:- Work with your employees so that they are able to give accurate and positive descriptions of your company on their LinkedIn profiles- On Glassdoor or other review platforms (such as Capterra or Getapp), work with your clients and employees so that they are willing and able to leave positive comments. Thank your reviewers regardless of whether their comments are positive or negative, and offer solutions for problems raised by negative reviews- Be positively present on social media by communicating what the company is doing and and sharing insight related to your office and employees

2. Make a great impression

A good first impression is critical and this applies to the first day for any new employee. Ensure they are comfortable and clearly understand their responsibilities. Show them who they will be working with by:- Assigning them a mentor who will support them during the earlier stages- Ensuring they are socially involved at the office, for example by organizing a free lunch with the rest of the team- Providing them with all they need to start working productively: comprehensive training, a reliable computer, a decent working space, and so forth- Ensuring that the rest of the team is accessible for answering questions and providing feedback

3. Be aware of what your employees want

Companies with a great culture are known for listening to their employees’ ideas. Employees may feel disconnected from much of the decision making that occurs at the top. For many, this can feel like having your decisions made for you. This is why it is important to bridge the gap by hearing your employees out. This can be done by organizing free lunches or by conducting monthly surveys, for example. The next step is to ensure that this feedback gets to others and that the best recommendations are implemented.

4. Build a strong referral system

Employees like when they are asked to refer someone. First of all, they feel more involved in the company’s mission. Secondly, they may be in a better position to choose appropriate talents for the position. Many ATS solutions provide a referral system. In order to take full advantage of these systems, remember to:- Boost referrals by rewarding employees with successful referrals- Provide them with a great employee branding page that they will be proud to share on their social media - Send updates to your employees about open roles and the awards they can receive for referring new candidatesImproving your company culture is a long-term process. And although the list of tips provided here is nonexhaustive, it represents an important first step toward achieving some real and positive changes.

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