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Inspire Tech Talents with a Career Page

The digital era as we live today has brought a change in the operations of businesses across the globe. We now see almost every sector adapt to modern business while embracing future-forwarded technologies like automation, digital data management, online products and services, and data security.       

As digital transformation became the main driving force for industries across the globe, the status of tech talents in companies has turned from that of ‘those IT guys in the basement’ to one of the most, if not the most critical people on the team. As the demand for tech talent has risen, attracting the best ones has become more challenging than ever. 

Companies can’t just open their ‘playbook’ and attract tech talents the same way as they do with other types of talents. There are specific points, angles, and approaches to draw their attention.  

Don’t worry. It’s not as hard or as complicated as you may think. Let’s examine some of the challenges in discovering the right tech talents nowadays, and then find out how you can leverage your platforms to gravitate tech talents right to your doorstep.  

Why You Need Tech Talent

The ‘Metaverse’ is a significant sign of the rising demand for tech talents. In the past year, Facebook announced that it would hire 10,000 of the workforce in Europe to help the company construct its Metaverse. At the same time, Amazon's CEO announced that the company was aiming to employ more than 55,000 people in the United States for tech jobs. 

The pandemic, coupled with the Great Resignation, pushed this trend as industries around the world scrambled for tech talent as they digitalised. With high demand, and the ability to work from anywhere, tech talent today holds strong ground in the recruitment game.  

This is an indicator for companies out there. You see, there is a way to overcome the challenge of attracting tech talents in the ever-competitive recruitment market.  One of the effective ways is to look inward and examine who you are as an employer and what you’ve got to offer. Reinforce your brand as a desired workplace in the eyes of tech candidates.  

Social media, for instance, is a great channel to project your employer brand. This becomes a stronger strategy when companies recruiting tech talent have a dedicated career page where prospects can discover the essence of your company and what life in your organization could look like. 

Scroll down and learn how you can win the competition for tech talents and inspire the best tech talents to join your ranks.  

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Gravitate Tech Talent’s Attention with a Career Page 

1: Establish Your Presence in the Tech Field 

The comfort of realizing that you know a thing or two about technology and that you’re not a tech noob would set up a good first impression. Being able to speak the same language is a big advantage especially for recruitment in the tech scene.   

Using a career page, you can project that knowledge by posting and publishing content that resonates with tech talent, particularly those who are seeking to grow within an organization. 

Be mindful to keep the tone of the page as authentic and true to your company culture as possible and publish content that brings value to visitors, such as information that is useful for them in the future.   

But what type of content should you publish? Well, a career page provides you with the freedom to use any kind of content you’d like. As long as it goes in line with your company identity, has value, and promotes you as a tech-savvy business, content like videos, images, graphics, or icons are not a far stretch out of your capability.    

Dell, the multinational technology firm, recognizes the importance of showcasing its forward perspective and assuring candidates that it is a leader in the field. The company's career page is packed with research and articles on technology trends that tie into its products and solutions.

At the same time, Dell also promotes its company culture through subpages that take its visitors through its work policy, how the company hires employees, and so on. Candidates have an option to explore Dell’s history via one of its subpages as well.        

2: Promote Continuous Learning and Skill Development

We are living in the age of endless innovation. New studies, knowledge, and skills are emerging and being discovered every day. Keeping yourself out of this fast-moving new knowledge could only set you back, especially amongst talents in the tech community. 

As an employer, it is a must for you to assure tech candidates that they will be provided with great opportunities to continuously learn and develop themselves. Evidently, 53% of developers revealed that an opportunity to obtain new skillsets and new knowledge about technologies is what they seek in a job. 

A career page can help you to promote your offering to candidates in so many ways. The point is to show candidates that your employees have opportunities to upskill. You can prepare an article or create a subpage dedicated to telling stories about how your employees have improved their skill sets and become more efficient through these opportunities. 

A set of nice images and interview videos of your employees sharing their direct experiences would complete the section. 

Apple Inc recognizes the journey of its employees. Its career page is filled with inspiring content that gives candidates the confidence that they would have a steady journey that leads towards growth. Its sub-pages showcase the company's belief in innovation and that it is open to all ideas from employees.

Candidates can learn how Apple recognizes its employees and provide them with opportunities to learn and be creative through inspirational videos. 

3: Show Them a Steady and Long Career Path 

No ambitious candidate would like to be sitting around at the same spot and hoping for no changes, especially in the tech talents community, where things are always evolving and moving fast.    

Attractive career paths are beacons that draw in tech candidates who are hungry for accomplishments. Knowing that they would have opportunities to grow and ladder up the ranks heavily factors in candidates’ decision-making. 

To inspire tech candidates that your organization is a place to enhance themselves and their careers, let them know that you are open to anyone who wants to grow and succeed, regardless of their ethnicity or where they are from. 

Through a career page, you can create a special section to tell stories of your employees’ journeys. Within that page, writing inspirational paragraphs along with videos and images of your team members would provide candidates with a visual idea of what they could achieve in your organization.  

Microsoft demonstrates its leadership in the technology space as well as its inclusive environment through its career page. You would see quotes from employees about how the company has allowed them to learn and grow. One of Its sub-pages displays articles sharing the experiences of Microsoft's own staff from their start, what they’ve learned, and where they are today.    

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4: What Are the Benefits?

Let’s be real. ‘What will I get from this job?’ is probably the first question candidates ask when they are considering a job. It is one of the main, if not, the main factor in their decision-making process when it comes to choosing to click for applying. Offering the competitive benefits will set you apart from other companies and give candidates the reason to become your latest additions.  

During the pandemic, companies were forced to go into remote and later hybrid work arrangements and office-centric pre-pandemic benefits such as ‘games rooms’ became meaningless for job-seekers. Instead, flexible work hours became an attractive perk for job seekers today.     

According to research by Robert Half, one of three workers in the U.S. have no interest in working full time in the office. Rather, half of these individuals prefer a hybrid work structure. 

A career page provides you with the opportunity to showcase how your employees - as well as business - adapted and thrived with hybrid working. Publishing inspiring images or short interview pieces of your employees or executives sharing their positive experiences from your offered benefits is a good way to attract job seekers in the tech community.      

Google - consistently among the top most desired places to work - understands the importance of employee benefits. The company’s career page has a sub-page dedicated to ensuring candidates that their work-life balance is one of its top priorities. Its career page lists all its benefits, from flexible work hours to health care to family support.

Let Manatal Help You Craft a Solid Career Page for Tech Talents 

Now you know some tricks to attract tech talents right to your entrance. However, it’s easier said than done as thinking through the many aspects of a career page can be a time-consuming task. 

To avoid losing out on top tech talents, you need to equip yourself with a powerful digital tool. Now, there are many tools on the market that are able to help you construct a career page with ease. 

Manatal - a cloud-based ATS that is known for its innovative features - is also capable of helping to create a career page that fully reflects the essence of your company quickly and easily. 

Our easy-to-understand interface enables users to tap into the full potential of the career page in a matter of minutes.  Through the use of Manatal’s career page, you will be able to reinforce your brand to attract top tech talents with all kinds of media you prefer, from images, videos, high-quality graphics, and special icons to texts. All can be simply done with the tips of your finger. 

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With rapid digitalization, it is no surprise that tech talent today is in high demand across industries worldwide. Now that they have the upper hand and options to choose their jobs, companies and recruitment agencies must work double-time to attract top tech candidates.  

Companies must invest their time and effort in strengthening their presence and image amongst tech talent, and a solid career page is an effective way to do this. 

An ATS that comes with a career page builder option enables you to customize one with ease, and in a matter of minutes. Manatal’s career page feature helps you reinforce your brand by constructing your own career page from the ground up. 

Uploading images, videos, or special graphics to reflect your identity and tell inspiring stories can be done in a matter of minutes. Give tech talents the reason to join your company with Manatal.  

Start your 14-day Free Trial now to explore Manatal’s additional features that are specifically designed to fast-track your recruitment process while helping you overcome challenges and secure top talents in a heartbeat.

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