Recruiting a recruiter

One may be accustomed to interviewing candidates for a specific job but, what about when you have to hire a recruiter? Being their area of expertise, they will not make the same mistakes that usually helps to sort candidates during an interview.

To do it well there are three topics that we need to go through. What is most important is learning about their recruiting experience. Then knowing how they have been handling different work environments and how they have been managing their recruitment operations is also a key to make the right choice.

Recruiting experience

For this kind of job, having experience is essential. You will need to ask the right questions to assess the recruiter correctly. To do so, inquire on how they have discovered great profiles in the past. Explore the mistakes they made regarding the judgment of a candidate or the failure to fill a vacancy. Ask them about the latest job opening they have brought in, be wary of details. How long did it take? What difficulties did they face and how did they get over them? It is also interesting to know more about the people they hired for their company. What was the position of the latest one they hired?  What was the critical element that made up the candidate’s mind?

Work environment

Then let us try to find more about their previous work environment such as if they used to work in a fast paced environment. You should try determining the way they were managing pressure and deadlines. Detect how they feel in their current company and if they thought it had issues. What did they do about it? A recruiter that would be able to spot flaws about your company and not be afraid to let you know is a great added value. Have they ever been unhappy because of their work? Always remember that someone fulfilled will be much more efficient and will enhance your team building.

Recruitment process

Lastly, you will need to find more about specifics on how they achieve good placements. Have they worked with several ATS (Applicant Tracking System)? Which one did they like the best? Knowing the sourcing techniques of a recruiter is crucial. Are they familiar with several social networks to find new candidates? Recruiters usually have one or two fields where they have more easiness to place candidates. It would be great if it fits your company needs and it could also help arbitrate between two candidates.

Hiring a recruiter may be tricky but, we do hope these few advice will help you pick the right one. You should also use an ATS which will make all the process a lot easier. If you are looking for one, Manatal develops one of the most intuitive and complete ATS in the market. We would love to let you know more about the value it could bring to your company. Learn more on our website, where you’ll be able to request a demo or sign up the free trial.

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