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Recruitment Database 101: What It Is and How to Choose

Learn about recruitment database and how it can help elevate your hiring game.

With the increasing competition for talent, changing expectations of candidates, and evolving technologies, it’s inevitable that you as a recruiter may face many struggles and challenges in finding and hiring the best candidates for your roles. You’ll need to source candidates from multiple channels, screen, and assess them efficiently, communicate and engage with them effectively, and manage the entire hiring process smoothly while keeping track of what information lies where. This is exactly where you would need to use a recruitment database.

In this article, we will explain what a recruitment database is and why you should use it. We will also give you some tips on how to choose the right recruitment database software for your needs. Finally, we will show you how to track key metrics with the right recruitment database software to optimize your hiring strategy.

What is a Recruitment Database and Why Do You Need One?

A recruitment database is a software system that helps you manage all aspects of your recruitment process in one place. It allows you to store, organize, access, and update all information related to your jobs and candidates. It also helps you automate and streamline tasks such as sourcing, screening, matching, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

A recruitment database can offer many benefits for your hiring strategy, such as:

  • Saving time and money by reducing manual work and human errors
  • Enhancing your employer brand and candidate experience by providing a seamless and consistent process
  • Increasing your productivity and efficiency by enabling faster and smarter decisions
  • Boosting your quality of hire by finding the best fit candidates for your roles
  • Improving your retention and engagement by keeping in touch with your candidates and employees

The Best Recruitment Database Software: Things to Look For

There are many recruitment database software  with different features, functionalities, and prices. How do you choose the one that suits your needs best? Here are some essential elements that you need to look for in a recruitment database software first:

  • User-friendly interface: The software should be easy to use and navigate for both recruiters and candidates. It should have a clear and intuitive design that allows you to perform tasks quickly and easily.
  • Scalable and flexible: It should be able to adapt to your changing needs and goals. The software should also have the capacity to handle large volumes of data and users without compromising performance or security.
  • Customizable and configurable: The recruitment database software should allow you to tailor it to fit your specific requirements and preferences. It should have options to customize fields, workflows, reports, notifications, integrations, etc.
  • AI-powered: The software should leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your recruitment process. It should also come with features such as resume parsing, candidate ranking, job matching, chatbots, etc. that use AI to automate and optimize tasks.
  • Data-driven: It should provide you with data-driven insights and analytics that help you measure and improve your recruitment process. Moreover, the software should have dashboards, charts, graphs, etc. that display key metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, source-of-hire, quality-of-hire, etc.

Using Manatal as a Recruitment Database

Manatal has a recruitment database functionality that can help you gain the key metrics above and more. It is AI-powered recruitment solution specifically tuned to accommodate recruiters and HR professionals with many innovative features, including:

  • Extending the reach of your job posting by posting it on more than 2,500 free and premium channels – both local and global
  • Building and maintaining a rich talent pool of qualified candidates using resume parsing, social media enrichment, candidate ranking, tagging, filtering, etc.
Recruitment Database 101: What It Is and How to Choose
  • Automating and simplifying tasks such as job matching, email sequences, etc.
  • Improving your collaboration and feedback with hiring managers and candidates using notes, comments, ratings, etc.

Manatal also comes with a unique feature called Reports & Analytics that provides comprehensive coverage of recruitment data. Within a few clicks and you can:

  • Track and measure key metrics and performance indicators of your recruitment process using dashboards, charts, graphs, etc.
  • Generate custom reports based on various parameters such as time period, job, candidate, source, status, etc.
  • Export reports in various formats such as PDF, CSV, Excel, etc.
  • Share reports with stakeholders via email or link
  • Visualize data using different types of charts such as pie, bars, lines, etc.
  • Compare data across different periods or groups using filters
  • Drill down into data using interactive charts.
Recruitment Database 101: What It Is and How to Choose

Here’s how Manatal Compares to some of the top recruitment database software on the market:

Software Sourcing Channels Profile Enrichment AI Scoring Duplicate Detection
Manatal 2500+ job boards, career page, LinkedIn extension, referral program, social networks LinkedIn and 20+ social platforms Fit score and similar candidates + best jobs for candidates Flag and merge
Workable 200+ job boards and social networks Resume parsing and social data Qualification rank and best candidates Flag
Teamtailor Social media and referrals Social data and video interviews Job and culture match and best candidates Merge
SeekOut 500+ million profiles across various platforms Social data and diversity insights Skill and experience score and best candidates Flag
Yello Campus events, career fairs, referrals, etc. Social data and video interviews Fit score and best candidates Merge

Tracking Key Metrics with the Right Recruitment Database Software

Now that we know what to look for in a recruitment database software, let’s take a look at the key metrics you need from the tool. These metrics help you evaluate the effectiveness of your hiring strategy and identify areas for improvement.

Some of the key metrics of recruitment you need from a recruitment database software are:


  • Measures the duration of the recruitment process from posting to hiring
  • Indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process
  • A shorter time-to-hire reduces hiring costs, improves candidate experience, and avoids losing talent
  • A recruitment database software automates tasks and reduces time-to-hire


  • Measures the money spent on hiring a new employee, including various costs
  • Evaluates the ROI of the recruitment process and optimizes budget allocation
  • A lower cost-per-hire saves money and resources for other business needs
  • A recruitment database software expands reach and visibility, reduces reliance on external agencies, and streamlines hiring process


  • Tracks where hired candidates come from, such as referrals, job boards, social media, etc.
  • Identifies the most effective and efficient sources of talent for roles and allocates resources accordingly
  • A higher source-of-hire attracts more qualified candidates and increases quality of hire
  • A recruitment database software posts jobs on multiple platforms, creates enriched candidate profiles, and tracks source performance


  • Tells how well hired candidates perform on the job, based on criteria such as productivity, retention, engagement, performance ratings, etc.
  • Measures the impact of hiring decisions on business outcomes and goals
  • A higher quality-of-hire improves employee performance, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • A recruitment database software helps assess candidates’ skills and fit, collect feedback from stakeholders, and monitor employee performance

Looking for a reliable Recruitment Database?

Imagine having an assistant from a recruitment database software that allows you to seamlessly glide through the hiring process from end-to-end while gaining valuable insights into your performance and making data-driven decisions to optimize your strategy. Sounds good, right?

Start a 14-day free trial with Manatal today and see for yourself how this AI-driven recruitment database software can help strengthen your strategy and transform the way you hire within a few clicks!

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