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Talent Acquisition Strategy and Digital Transformation

It’s difficult to imagine companies operating without any focus on the digital world. Not only has it become a priority across all industries, but digitization can also be the difference between rising interest and complete radio silence. It plays a different role depending on the company, as it can be a vital cornerstone for continued success or an opportunity for growth beyond the norm.

Examining the way daily life seems to have drifted towards a strange blend of digital processes and life as we knew it displays evidence that not only does digital transformation affect the professional landscape, it touches our lives in a variety of ways.

The digitization of a company or its processes should be conducted with the same goals, well-monitored, and well-optimized for simplicity, ease of use, automation, and so on. Companies aiming for digital growth need to adapt. As evident from the past decade, organizations of all sizes have experienced the benefits of a successful digital revolution in their industry and niche markets.

What is digital transformation?

Digital change is the execution/adoption of advanced tech tools and platforms to rearrange and smooth out the organization’s issues on various levels, from the very structure of the business model to in-house processes. Moving to a progressively digital model is a step towards increased revenue, improved client experience, and gaining an upper hand over the competition. Its ability to ease the organization's workload to the least complex structure as well as utilizing new tools and resources can save time and effort better centered around coordinating the company’s operations.

Not only is this change an excellent opportunity under typical conditions, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also demonstrated how crucial digital change can be for business continuity during unexpected emergencies. The digital world was an escape for various organizations that managed to endure the global catastrophe, while those strictly operating under traditional models, wound up facing an unfortunate reality.

Truth be told, regardless of whether the quest for digital change is due to public demand or to reactively meet client behavior, bringing a business into the digital world will affect activities more than initially anticipated.

Digital change isn’t easy

Technology sits at the center of digital growth. It’s the path to improved organizational structure, optimized processes, a better customer experience, lower operational costs, and increased profit.

The test, however, of effectively accomplishing digital change is in embracing different activities that would lead to those specific outcomes. The change itself would be most evident in the newly implemented channels and processes, focusing on various capacities, and the catalyst for this change would be the digital tools chosen to cover each point. But digital change is difficult to get right and remains mostly elusive to companies around the globe. A survey conducted by McKinsey shows that of the companies said to have launched their own digital transformation, only 14 percent say their efforts have made and sustained performance improvements. However, different research points out that companies with successful digital transformations deploy more digital technologies than others do, with traditional web technologies and cloud-based SaaS in the lead as most adopted.

Successful digital transformation is also dependent on the industry, as not all businesses share the same capacity for digital growth. Given the low rates of success, employers need to focus on the right talent, the right goals, and the right tech tools.

The right talent to drive digital transformation

Optimizing the company’s recruitment process for efficiency and proper time management early on changes the very way candidates are approached. In fact, the channels and the digital tools that we employ on a daily basis serve to accelerate operations, boost efficiency, and increase the quality of hire.  Hiring the right digital talent in itself catalyzes positive change in the organizational structure. Companies need the drive, focus, and aptitude of up-and-comers who are experienced and well-prepared for a digital revolution. This goes for pretty much every job within your organization, from C-level executives to back-end developers, project managers, and digital marketers. In order to source such candidates, implementing innovative tech to improve the recruitment process can be invaluable in the long run.

The digital transition

Recruitment as a process has mainly been digital for a while now, but as I mentioned earlier, transformation is oriented through process optimization activities (recruitment, marketing & branding, digital expansion, etc). The connection between recruitment as a function and the digital world is immediate, basic, and permits organizations to take advantage of a worldwide talent pool with applicants of each level and caliber across various industries. Digital transformation in recruitment would refer to adopting advanced and innovative solutions that expand on that immediate connection and turn handling an excess of candidate resumes and hiring data into a sensible and improved procedure. Recruitment software and ATS solutions are at the very top of this list.

With an optimized digital process for recruitment and the proactive search for candidates with the capacity to drive digital change, employers are able to begin their digital transformation with the talent they need. The achievements above become only a question of time to accomplish. In any case, streamlining recruitment requires focusing on the solid relationship between the nature of experts within the organization and how their job influences the company’s plans for the digital world.

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