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Full Circle: The Entire ATS Solution Explained

The recruitment process is a very crucial part of talent acquisition. From having opening positions to discovering the right individuals who possess qualities to fill in empty seats, it takes a lot of work. As recruiters, your responsibilities are to prepare job advertisements, push them out publicly, screen applicants, make a candidate list, organize candidate interviews, send confirmations to selected candidates, and so on. 

Throughout the process, should one step find a roadblock or is poorly executed, like putting on a wrong button, the rest of that follow will naturally fail to meet the end goal. Moreover, globalization and digitalization have pushed recruitment forward to the point where it has become more competitive than ever.  

Luckily, innovative recruitment tools have emerged as the product of the fast-paced global industries to help recruitment agencies and companies respond to rapid change. Tools like Applicant Tracking Systems or recruitment CRM systems are designed to cater to the needs of modern users while allowing talent acquisition to flow smoothly and efficiently. 

To conquer the recruitment game today, it is crucial for recruitment agencies and business entities to equip themselves with a powerful digital tool to help them discover top talents and fill them in a heartbeat.   

To those who are still not convinced a digital solution can elevate the recruitment process and help them achieve their goals with ease, this article will guide you through a full circle of recruitment and address how innovative tools like Applicant Tracking System and recruitment CRM can help you get the job done before your competitors even turn on their computers.  

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Identifying the Hiring Needs

In the first step of the recruitment funnel, you need to identify the needs for certain opening positions. Examine whether or not there are new needs for additional individuals to take care of some tasks in your organization. List out missing pieces in your overall performance. Is there any lack of qualities or skills? 

Once you find that you need more individuals to take care of some additional tasks, you will be able to identify the hiring needs. 

It is essential to make a deep analysis and define job specifications for your open positions. What kind of skills and experiences are required to fit the parts?  This starting point determines how well your recruitment will be executed. Without a structured plan, you might not be able to attract candidates and fill empty positions with top talents.  

Creating  Job Advertisements  

Once you know the required specifications and qualities needed for the opening positions, the next step is preparing job advertisements. It is vital to keep your job descriptions clean and get right to the point. Address all of the information candidates need to know. Craft a sharp job title, including your location, primary responsibilities of the positions, qualifications, and work hours to catch candidates’ attention.

Also, keep in mind that one of the main factors involved in candidates’ decision-making when it comes to applying for jobs are salary structure, company culture, benefits, and the growth rate of the company.     

When dealing with multiple customers and job positions, this step can be time and effort-consuming for recruiters. Manually preparing a big pile of job advertisements would take away recruiters’ time to focus on other important tasks like solidifying relationships with customers or taking relationships with candidates to a deeper level. 

An Applicant Tracking System comes into the equation to fast-track the process by automating the preparation for the job description. A well-designed ATS like Manatal comes with ready-to-use job description templates that enable you to prepare job advertisements in a much shorter amount of time. Whatever position you are looking for, from the IT & development field to finance and to hospitality, we got you covered.  

Attracting Candidates 

The sole purpose of job advertisements is to attract high-quality candidates and inspire them to apply. So, the next step in the recruitment funnel is distributing job advertisements across several channels and platforms to reach as many candidates as possible. Job boards, social media, career sites, and employee referrals are all excellent ways to connect your job ads to candidates.   

However, the more channels you go, the more time you have to invest in publishing the advertisements. And considering the rapid pace of the current recruitment, wasting even a second could provide an advantage to your competitor.     

An innovative tool like the Applicant Tracking System is designed to make sure that its users will always be ahead of the race. By automating the publishing of job advertisements across online platforms, companies and recruitment agencies can have more time to prepare for the next step of the hiring process. 

A powerful Applicant Tracking System like Manatal allows you to share your job advertisements across thousands of free and premium channels. Within a few clicks, your ads will be guaranteed to have visibility on major sites, including Indeed, Monster, Linkedin, Facebook, Google for Jobs,  as well as local and specialized job boards at once. 

Moreover, Manatal’s users have the ability to create customizable career pages in any way they desire. Enticing career pages that fully reflect company brands can be constructed from the ground up. You can showcase your company culture while inspiring candidates by inserting images or videos of your employees or CEO quickly and easily.

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Candidates Screening 

Under the talent shortage environment, identifying the right candidates is one of the most challenging parts of recruitment today. Once receiving applicants, you need to carefully screen them based on the minimum qualifications for the positions. Then, sort CVs that have the expected qualities based on relevant experience, specific skills, and experience.   

Next, make a list of candidates who possess both expected qualities and the minimum qualifications. Finish the list by highlighting concerns or queries in the CVs to be clarified during the interview process. 

Going through a screening stage could take a huge amount of time and leave you exhausted on the floor. With the help of an Applicant Tracking System, screening applications can be executed much faster and simpler. An ATS like Manatal comes with a fully customizable system to filter your recommended candidates and shortlist your top choices based on skills, work experience, academic background, or other conditions. 

At the same time, Manatal’s AI recommendation feature scans job descriptions and extracts the core skills and requirements needed for candidates to perform well in the positions, then cross-references the results with your talent pool in order to match the candidates who fit the positions best. 

You can even go beyond candidates' CVs and get to know them on a deeper level with Manatal’s social media enrichment that browses the web and extracts data from candidates’ social media profiles into a single platform. 

Further, during the shortlisting stage, a tool like a recruitment CRM system can bridge the gap between you and your customers, allowing them to have full visibility of your list. Manatal is embedded with a recruitment CRM system that provides full visibility to both recruiters’ team members and their customers. 

With an easy-to-read and centralized dashboard, all concerned parties have the ability to track the progress, provide feedback, and leave comments on certain individuals on the list. Communication through the stages can also be done in real-time, 24/7, through the use of the instant messaging feature. Assuring that no mistakes shall slip their way through.   

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Interviewing Candidates

After you’ve accomplished making a solid candidate list, the next move is to arrange interviews with individuals on the list for further assessment. First of all, you need to make sure that the time and place you are scheduling are convenient for both candidates and hiring managers. 

Then, to orchestrate an efficient interview, you must keep in mind that it is a two-way communication. Candidates would also make their own assessment of the company as well. You need to influence them to be part of the company by selling the benefits of the job. 

Also, prepare questions that would take you to a deeper understanding of candidates’ backgrounds to determine whether or not they are a good fit. Try not to shoot them with abstract questions like ‘how do you define success.’ Instead, keep your questions relevant to the job.    

All in all, this could turn out to be a chaotic ride if you choose to boldly tackle it in the eye of the storm without any help. It is hard enough to find available time for both hiring managers and candidates. By focusing on multiple tasks at once, you might overlook some appointments and make a mistake by overlapping appointments. This error makes you look unreliable in the eyes of candidates and customers. 

An Applicant Tracking System can help maintain your sophisticated image while keeping your schedule organized. Manatal's ATS, comes with the activity calendar that allows you to easily add activities, tasks, and events like meetings or calls to your interface. Moreover, your calendar from other platforms like Gmail or Outlook can be integrated into Manatal, making sure that your schedule will be completely organized. 

To Pass or Not to Pass

In this final stage of the recruitment funnel, there is some work left to do, so you need to remain your foot on the throttle with the max effort. First off, you need to do a reference checking on candidates who passed the interview and become selected for the finalist of new hires. It is important to check and verify their professional references. 

Should there be no issue, then it’s time to prepare an employment contract and offer the jobs to selected candidates. The offer letter should be clear and include the job details from the start date, employment conditions, work hours, as well as compensation.

As a recruiter, it is natural to be handling these tasks for many positions at once. Making offer letters and sending them out to each selected candidate takes some time, and time is everything when it comes to recruitment. By the time your messages are delivered, selected candidates might be contacted by other companies and accept their offers already.  

Applicant Tracking System steps in to make sure that your selected candidates stick around and become your new hires in time. An ATS like Manatal fast-tracks the job offering stage with a mass emailing feature. You will have the option to organize your recipient list and send emails to them at once. Further, you will have the ability to customize your email templates to reflect your company image and save them for future launches as well.       

This feature factors in the recruitment CRM as it helps recruitment agencies keep their connections with customers on the go. By constantly launching updates and announcements to customers through emails that include company logo and color blocking, recruitment agencies will ensure that their customers are always engaged.

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Final Thoughts 

Having an Applicant Tracking System at your disposal is essential to recruitment today as it has proven to be able to elevate your performance while ensuring that the top talents can be discovered and secured quickly and smoothly.  

For companies and recruitment agencies that are looking to reinforce their foundation and rapidly boost their businesses towards the top rank of the industry with an Applicant Tracking System, look no further than Manatal.

Our Applicant Tracking System is dedicated to helping users optimize their recruitment by simplifying the process with innovative features like ready-to-use job description templates, fully customizable career pages, AI recommendations, social media enrichment, an integrated calendar, mass emailing, recruitment CRM system, and more!

Start your 14-day Free Trial now and discover more of Manatal’s capabilities to redefine your recruitment process while efficiently pushing you towards your goal in a blink of an eye!  

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