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5 ways to build a sustainable recruitment strategy with technology

The tried and true methods of recruitment are fading fast in this environment that favors job seekers. Retaining employees is also more difficult than before since professionals are more willing to leave a job they do not enjoy or where they do not see opportunities for career advancement. The ongoing “Great Resignation” is providing ample proof that employee retention methods of the past will no longer be adequate for the future.

With more jobs available than qualified candidates, recruiters must engage passive candidates more directly and adopt new hiring methods to acquire the right talent for an organization’s short- and long-term objectives. In-person interviews have almost entirely been replaced by virtual recruitment as a result of the pandemic, which has made it easier for recruiters to quickly interview applicants far from the office. In fact, LinkedIn found that in North America, 70% of talent professionals believed that virtual recruiting would be the new standard in the post-pandemic job market.

A variety of online sites like Indeed and LinkedIn have also emerged as popular destinations for job postings. This expansion beyond employers’ career portals has allowed more potential candidates to see job openings at companies they may not have considered before, which is increasing applicant pools and the number of resumes that recruiters must parse through. 

As professionals seek jobs that are a better fit for their lifestyle, employers are also reconsidering their workforce models to allow for remote, contract hires and freelancers to contribute to business objectives rather than relying on the traditional permanent, full-time employee. Maintaining a rigid approach to hiring may cause employers to lose out on professionals with the skills they desperately need to complete digitization projects and ease workloads for existing employees.

Changes need to be made throughout the recruitment process to ensure that organizations are making lasting, productive hires. A crucial measure of a successful recruitment operation is how sustainable it is for the organization. Hiring must not only be effective, but it should also be economical, efficient, maintainable throughout a variety of situations, and adaptable as the market changes. Similar to environmental sustainability, there is little room for wasteful practices. Every action in the system should have a meaningful contribution to the overall goal of making a lasting and productive hire. 

Establishing a sustainable recruitment strategy for your organization requires close collaboration with internal functional leaders to understand their current and future staffing needs so that a comprehensive hiring plan can be devised accordingly. Adopting the appropriate HR technology is also a crucial step toward building a strong foundation for talent acquisition and retention today - and in the future. Here are five ways that deploying a recruitment technology solution can contribute to building this sustainable recruitment strategy. 

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1. Enables consistent communication with candidates 

Sourcing candidates who can be the right fit for an organization is a constant effort. Recruiters are increasingly acting like marketers to sell their organizations to passive candidates - even when there are no immediate openings. Through mass email marketing campaigns and social media engagement, recruiters are making connections with potential applicants to current and future job openings by creating connections and positive interactions with the brand. 

Recruitment technology makes it simple to quickly organize and send personalized email messages to the candidates in your database so that recruitment teams can maintain consistent communications and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Manatal’s applicant tracking system (ATS) solution also integrates with your organization’s Outlook or Gmail system, making email communications with candidates seamless. 

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2. Allows recruiters to keep candidate profiles up-to-date and relevant

Another benefit of a cloud-based recruitment solution is that candidate data is stored in a central location. This means that dispersed virtual recruitment teams can access the same information in real-time. This is a vast improvement over traditional databases, which are reliant on humans to make manual updates and are only available to one person at a time. 

The latest ATS solutions also make automatic updates to candidate profiles as changes are made to their LinkedIn profiles, for example. That way, recruiters will always have the most relevant information about candidates they may have connected with years ago. This automated enrichment of profiles supports recruitment teams as their databases grow so that they can seamlessly keep track of information and access candidates based on their current, relevant skills.

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3. Empowers recruitment leaders to review data from recruitment activities regularly to improve processes and outcomes

Advanced recruitment solutions also provide leaders with a wealth of data points to dissect and analyze. Leaders can review their team’s activities to see what is working and what isn’t so they are able to pivot their recruitment tactics before an ineffective strategy becomes too costly. 

Effective management of ROI over time will demonstrate success to other internal stakeholders and allow leaders to ensure that their recruitment processes are truly sustainable. With Manatal, recruitment leaders can also share customized reports with clients to show hiring performance and the costs associated with recruitment activities.

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4 - With AI, recruitment solutions drive process efficiencies and eliminate human errors 

Artificial intelligence is enhancing business processes in every industry it touches. Repetitive, tedious activities that took days or weeks to execute with manual labor are now being completed in minutes with automation. The impact on productivity is incredible, not to mention the other tasks that employees can focus on now that they have more time in the day. 

As the volume of applications to job openings and databases grow, the chances of human error with traditional, manual databases and systems are high. Recruitment technology automation speeds up candidate sourcing, eliminates unconscious bias from recruiters, and ensures that qualified candidates are not overlooked in the hiring process. Manatal’s AI-driven recommendations automatically match candidates in the database with job openings saving crucial time in the hiring process. 

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5 - Identifying the right fit for a role the first time is simpler 

In today’s competitive hiring market, selecting the right fit for a role the first time is essential. The consequences of a bad hire can be costly for organizations. High turnover and constantly rehiring for the same position hurts morale and productivity among remaining employees as more time needs to be devoted to onboarding. Additionally, the cost over time can cut into an organization’s overall profitability. This is not a sustainable outcome when margins are narrow, and competition is fierce. 

The latest recruitment technology solutions - paired with a sustainable recruitment strategy - reduce turnover and hiring costs by selecting the most qualified candidates from the database for a job vacancy. During the interview process, applicants are managed in a more organized fashion so that no one is left out, negative experiences are minimized, the time-to-hire is reduced, and hiring managers are presented with the best candidates from the start. With Manatal, recruiters can also customize which criteria to look for when selecting the ideal candidate.

An ATS solution is the first step

Implementing a powerful technology solution is critical to building a strong and sustainable recruitment strategy that can withstand any market situation. Manatal is an end-to-end ATS solution and recruitment CRM that supports recruitment teams from sourcing candidates through to onboarding new hires.

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