Interview Reschedule email template

Use this template when you or your client has become unavailable for a previously-scheduled interview date with a candidate. This could either have been incurred through schedule conflicts or internal planning.
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Why does it matter? 

A change in plans is best communicated respectfully and as soon as possible, as it shows the candidate that you respect their time. Such emails are thus sent to maintain a good rapport with the candidate.

When to send?

Send this email as soon as you have found out that the scheduled interview will not be able to take place at the originally scheduled time.

What to include?

  • A clear message that the interview date has been postponed
  • The new proposed interview date
  • A clear request for their confirmation on whether the new date works for them.

Please keep in mind that this template can be customized to suit your company's voice and tone.

Template Email:

Email subject line: Interview Rescheduling Request for [Position] at [Company Name]

Hello [Candidate First Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am [Insert Recruiting manager first name] with the recruiting department for [Insert Company Name].

Thank you for your interest in [Position title]. You had an interview with us scheduled for [Day of the week - date] at [time]. However, due to scheduling conflicts on the interviewer’s part, we will unfortunately need to reschedule the date and time of your interview. 

We currently have the following time and date slots available for rescheduling:

  • [Day of the week - Date] at [Time]
  • [Day of the week - Date] at [Time]
  • [Day of the week - Date] at [Time]
  • [Day of the week - Date] at [Time]

If none of those times or dates work for you, we can also arrange a virtual interview during the following time and date slots:

  • [Day of the week - Date] at [Time]
  • [Day of the week - Date] at [Time]
  • [Day of the week - Date] at [Time]
  • [Day of the week - Date] at [Time]

Please know that if you choose to schedule a virtual interview with [Company or interviewer’s first name], you must have a reliable internet connection and a functional webcam with a microphone. The virtual interview would take place on [name of platform or insert link]. You will also need to ensure that you have access to this platform; Therefore, it would be great if you could create a user account prior to the start of the interview. We understand that your time is valuable and hope that you extend the same courtesy towards us when it comes time to get together for your interview and ensure that it is free of technical difficulties. 

If neither the in-person or virtual meeting slots work for your schedule, please let us know, and we can explore other options that are compatible with both [interviewer’s first name] and your schedule. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and hope to hear from you soon. 

Best Regards, 

[Company Name or Recruiting Manager Name]

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