Recruiting a Lead Manager email template

Use this email template to communicate with potential Lead Manager candidates about a new job opportunity, and to establish a positive relationship with them from Day One of contacting them.
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Why does it matter? 

Lead Managers are in high demand, and having a strong strategy on how to connect with them will help you source high-quality candidates and help build a robust talent pool. 

When to send?

Consider sending this email as soon as you have created a shortlist for recruiting candidates for the Lead Manager position, either for a client or for your company.

What to include?

Make sure to include your name, the title of the open position, the company name, where you found the candidate, and the days/times to connect.

Template Email:

Subject line: Are you open to new opportunities?


My name is [NAME OF RECRUITER] and I work for a company called [NAME OF COMPANY]. I hope you are well.

I came across your profile on [SITE/SOURCE] and I’m reaching out to see if you are open to discussing a Lead Manager position that I am recruiting for. Your background and qualifications closely match the role, and I would love to tell you more about our company and the position.

It's all right if you are not actively looking for something new at the moment, but if you’re open to hearing more, can we schedule a call some time this week? How about [DAY & TIME]? If not, let me know what days/times work best for you.



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