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Internal controls in a company's networking hardware and software are tested by IT auditors, who discover flaws and potential dangers. Their job is to ensure that IT systems are of high quality, functional, secure, and efficient.

When interviewing candidates, search for people who have a strong understanding of IT infrastructure, preferably gained through a computer science degree and appropriate job experience. The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) credential is a nice to have for the IT Auditor role, however, it is not needed. If necessary, assess candidates' familiarity with the systems, platforms, and frameworks you utilize.

Successful candidates should be able to spot system flaws as well as recommend enhancements to capability, user interface, and security. Candidates should be presented with hypothetical scenarios to test their problem-solving abilities. Because your future recruit will be responsible for creating or reviewing security policies, look for applicants who can describe technical challenges in plain English.

Operational and Situational questions

  • What precautions would you take to safeguard an internal network from external threats?
  • What would you do if a change you made caused the system to crash?
  • Would you try to repair a minor bug yourself or report it to the technical team if you discovered one?
  • What policies would you implement to ensure that our staff is making proper use of technical resources?
  • You find a number of security flaws in a high-profile client's network, but you know the CTO will be upset and your firm's contract will be terminated. How will you present the findings of your audit?

Role-specific questions

  • What does network encryption serve?
  • What is the most common software issue you come across? How do you deal with it?
  • Do you know what server virtualization is? Tell us about your experiences with virtualization software like VMware or VirtualBox.
  • What are the most severe shortcomings of cloud applications?
  • What types of internal systems do you regularly audit? Why?

Behavioral questions

  • What resources (forums, websites, and books) do you utilize to keep up with engineering trends?
  • What is the most difficult aspect of explaining technical details to non-technical people? Is it easier for you to write a guidebook than give a presentation? Why?
  • Have you ever worked in a high-pressure workplace where you had to audit multiple IT systems within a short time frame? If so, how did you manage to fulfill deadlines while maintaining high quality?
  • In your present or prior employment, how have you contributed to the efficiency of a system?


IT auditors assist firms by ensuring that their internal controls, records, and data are secure within their technology system. They safeguard confidential information by putting in place safeguards to avoid security breaches in the technical network.

Again, as the hiring manager, you need to ensure that candidates have all the relevant and up-to-date credentials. They are also responsible for creating and reviewing your cybersecurity policies and are able to explain all the jargon in plain English to non-tech savvy people.

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