Interview Questions to Hire Certified Medical Assistant

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Certified medical assistants help physicians at outpatient facilities and clinics. They work together with the doctor to streamline their workflow to give better care to the patient. So, it's common to see more than one certified medical assistant in a doctor's clinic. Apart from working at a clinic, they also work at labs or government agencies.

Since certified medical assistants perform various tasks, they are classified as generalists within their workspace. Other than completing their medical duties like helping doctors with physical exams, they do various administrative tasks such as answering phone calls and maintaining medical records.

Since medical assistants handle patients and do administrative tasks, you must look for someone who is organized, practical, meticulous, and sympathetic. To distinguish between theoretical and practical experience, use the following interview questions. Top applicants will have researched your institution and will explain why they are most suited to serve patients in your area and have genuine medical assistant experience.

Interview Questions To Assess Hard Skills

  • What medical records software have you used before? 
  • How do you ensure you follow HIPAA regulations to protect patients' privacy?
  • What and when did you take your OSHA training?
  • Describe your background in medications for me. Have you worked with pharmacists, documented medications, or managed refills electronically?
  • What phlebotomy training have you had?
  • What were the last phone and voicemail systems you used at your previous workplace?
  • Have you ever taken a patient's history? What steps do you take when taking their medical history?
  • How do you protect patients' rights and privacy?
  • Were you in charge of maintaining the supplies and equipment?

Practice-Specific Interview Questions

  • Walk me through your daily tasks in your last practice.
  • Have you ever assisted a doctor with procedures? What procedures were those?
  • How do you handle a difficult situation involving a teen patient with their parents?
  • What ideas or suggestions have you come up with that have made significant changes at your previous workplace?
  • At your last workplace, how many technicians and medical assistants have you worked with?

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The ideal medical assistant will explain how they complete jobs, speak with coworkers and make decisions in the past. They should also be effective at your office. 

During the interview, focus on candidates that show empathy and understand medical procedures as well as terms. Also, watch out for those who can't make decisions and have weak communication skills.

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