Manufacturing Manager job description

This Manufacturing Manager job description template can be used to advertise open positions in your company. Customize the requirements and responsibilities according to the specific needs of the role.
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Job brief

We are hoping to employ an effective and organized Manufacturing Manager to oversee the daily operations of a manufacturing facility. They will coordinate, plan, and direct all the activities that go into the production process, improving efficiency and productivity.


  • Establish goals for production, and coordinate a plan to meet those goals.
  • Ensure production stays on schedule.
  • Assure products meet quality standards.
  • Write production reports.
  • Analyze production data and optimize for efficiency.
  • Direct an efficient layout of equipment and flow of materials.
  • Ensure workers and equipment meet performance and safety requirements.
  • Watch for hiccups in the process, and look for opportunities to improve operations.
  • Hire, train, and assess the performance of workers.
  • Support workers as questions, concerns, or feedback arise.
  • Supervise staff and delegate tasks to employees.
  • Communicate with other departments, such as the financial department to establish budgets, HR department to hire new workers, or the logistics department to ensure the delivery of products.


  • Bachelor’s degree in manufacturing, business, or engineering
  • Prior management and manufacturing experience is preferred
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent team-building and interpersonal skills
  • Strong leadership skills and ability to manage cross-functional team members
  • Technical competencies in manufacturing (e.g. technical drawings, blueprints, CAD/CAM)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other industry software

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