Veterinarian job description

This Veterinarian Counselor job description template can be used to advertise open positions in your company. Customize the requirements and responsibilities to meet the role’s specific needs.
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Job brief

We are seeking an experienced, caring, and compassionate veterinarian to join our growing practice. The ideal candidate will have a love and passion for caring for animals, whether in good health or extremely sick. The role requires someone who has decorum, experience, compassion when dealing with animals and their owners, as the candidate will provide direct care to the animals and advice to their owners.


  • Actively examine, diagnose, and provide treatment advice for animals to their owners.
  • Inspects, treats, and dresses any wounds, which includes wound cleaning and care, plus advice to their owners.
  • Performs any required surgery to animals, including but not limited to scans and ultrasounds, teeth cleaning, invasive surgery, corrective surgery, etc.
  • Provide vaccinations to all animals as required, and test for diseases/illnesses.
  • Operate medical equipment such as ultrasound machines, x-rays, and other medical equipment such as scalpels and stethoscopes.
  • Provide valuable advice to owners on how best to care for their animals, from general health and nutritional advice to advising about the best medications to therapeutic and holistic treatment and remedies.
  • Keep the health and wellbeing of the animal in everything they do, at all times.
  • Prescribe and control medication for animals as required.
  • Deal with the euthanasia process for animals at the end of their life, whilst providing support and reassurance to their owners.


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine as a minimum qualification
  • Admission with 4 years experience in a veterinary program
  • Experience within a farming or agricultural setting is an advantage
  • Veterinary license for the country/city
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to communicate with people of all levels, abilities, and status
  • Able to effectively break down and explain complex medical terminology into simple terms for pet owners o understand
  • Compassionate in all aspects of their work
  • Able to make hard and difficult decisions to ensure the best quality of life/care for animals in their care
  • Excellent manual dexterity skills to enable effective examination and performance of surgery where required
  • Effective problem-solving skills with the ability to ascertain root causes and develop effective problem-solving techniques and plans

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