5 Key Hiring Trends that will Impact Your Recruitment System

5 Key Hiring Trends that will Impact Your Recruitment System

Times are changing faster than they did for the past decades. Just as we’re getting ready to reach milestones and attain company goals, we’re suddenly back to square one as we adjust to various unprecedented situations– a big shift that impacts the whole recruitment system!

That’s why, as recruiters, it’s essential to keep your operations stable and continually progressive by adapting swiftly and sensibly. The COVID-19 pandemic definitely made countless compromises, so there are new trends that we can expect during and even after the crisis. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the foreseeable direction that recruitment is headed and how it affects your recruitment system.

But first, let’s start with some statistics from 2020!

  • – 114 million jobs were lost globally
  • – Global labor income declined by a whopping 8.3% (equal to 3.7 trillion USD or 4.4% of global GDP)
  • – 8.8% of global working hours were cut, thus forcing people to earn less
  • – Young workers (15-24 years old) were hit the most with 8.7% of employment loss
  • – 3.7% of adults (25 years old and above) experienced employment loss
  • – 20% of the workforce in the hospitality and the F&B industries lost their jobs

*Taken from International Labour Organization

Hiring Trends to integrate into your recruitment system

There will be new in-demand jobs now

According to LinkedIn, the most in-demand job as of 2021 is software engineering. This is no surprise as almost everything is digitizing. The rest on the list includes salesperson (2nd), registered nurse (4th), food delivery driver (6th), project manager (9th), etc.

Why is this important to know? If you hire one of these positions, you and your team will be prepared on how to fill these roles better and faster as competition will be fierce. You can plan accordingly beforehand on where to source such talents (career pages, job boards, etc.) and how to successfully recruit them.

Don’t forget that retention is one of the core objectives of any recruitment system, so it’s also going to be one of the mandates for recruiters to devise strategies on making the workplace amenable to promote long tenureship.

The priorities of recruiters have changed

With the uncertainty of it all, it’s advisable to leave no room for error. For instance, getting bad hires would cost a company some heavy expenses and cut productivity more than normal. This prompts recruiters to keep watch on different recruitment metrics.

This 2021, 52% of recruiters decided to divert their priority in finding quality hires. Not only do they yield higher ROI for the organization, but they also are more likely to bring positive growth in terms of profitability, company culture, and many more.

The succeeding priorities of recruiters are as follows:

  • – Increasing retention rate (24%)
  • – Improving time-to-hire (23%)
  • – Growing talent pipeline (22%)
  • – Diversity hiring (22%)

As you’ve noticed, diversity hiring is becoming highlighted, too. The remote hiring set-up might just help you on this and get you individuals from all over who can bring something fresh to the table.

There would be a growing importance of soft skills

It is now globally acknowledged that there is a massive soft skill deficit, which will only be growing in the future. That is why it’s necessary to strategize how to close that gap by hiring well-fit candidates.

Soft skills can be gauged in a lot of ways. You can do general assessments that evaluate their cognitive abilities, creativity, situational judgment, personality, culture-fit, and among other things. This varies on positions, but it’s going to help determine how suited one can be for the company.

As recruiters, you have to prepare such assessments and integrate them into your recruitment system to get to know applicants better beyond their resumes.

Technology is the future

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: technology is the future. Even more so than before. With the work-from-home set-up plus all the physical restrictions, we rely on relocating most (if not all) our operations online.

All for the best reasons, too. For instance, using recruitment software will unleash maximum productivity and efficiency as compared to traditional methods. Let’s take Manatal as an example.

This recruiting software is an all-in-solution for every recruiter. It has strong capabilities that allow users to post job ads across multiple channels (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) and funnel all incoming applications into a centralized platform.

However, it doesn’t stop there. They offer advanced features like social media enrichment, free career page builder, free GDPR compliance tools, email integration, and many more. It even has functionalities of a recruitment CRM, which lets you excel on the customer front, as well.

If you don’t have one already, now is the best time to use such an application to better your workflow exponentially.

There will be an emphasis on employer branding

Don’t overlook this hiring trend as it reaps more benefits than you might think. For one, it enables you to attract the best talents. Second, it perpetuates a healthier company culture by ensuring employee satisfaction. And lastly, it is advantageous in advocating long retention.

There are a lot of ways you can improve employer branding and optimize your overall recruitment system. One way is to create a killer career page, which you can do for free through Manatal. If you successfully create an enticing copy complete with alluring details such as benefits, compensation, company values, etc.

You can also use the power of social media by engaging people in showing off how great your company is. Some companies interview employees and share their stories online. Some ask them to leave reviews for others to see. Leverage this and you’ll see big changes!

Take-Away from these Key Hiring Trends

Occurrences may be erratic due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but being agile and precisely following hiring trends will allow you to understand what might happen and what you can do about it.

Millions and millions of jobs were lost and companies are experiencing hardship like never before. However, we’re more equipped now with knowledge and tools that could overcome such hurdles. 

By taking into consideration the new in-demand jobs, shifting hiring priorities, considering elements such as technology, employer branding, and soft skill assessments, you can ensure survival and success for your industry, and more importantly, your company.

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