Best Practices in Utilizing a Recruitment App

Recruitment SaaS vs. Recruiting with Excel or Google Sheets: Pros and Cons

Applicant Tracking System is one of the most efficient tools recruiters can have at their disposal. 

Alternatively referred to as a recruitment app, the Applicant Tracking System takes over the rather boring and redundant part of recruiters’ tasks and allows them to put their efforts into the essential parts of the job. 

This cloud-based technology saves recruiters a huge amount of time on the management of candidates’ data. Recruiters are able to seamlessly and conveniently accomplish their crucial tasks from the office or home, making collaboration with concerned parties easier than ever. 

If you are a company or organization that is on the path of expansion, then you should especially pay attention to this handy technology as it is able to help your business smoothly transit into a larger scale.    

If you hesitate to try the Applicant Tracking System or have questions like ‘what are some of its important and beneficial features?’ and ‘how to best utilize the recruitment apps? or ‘what is the best Applicant Tracking System available on the market?’ 

We invite you to take a look at these interesting questions and find out how companies or organizations can implement the recruitment app in the best possible way. 

What is a Recruitment App?

As you take a closer look into this article, you will find that the recruitment app can be referred to by many terms such as ‘Applicant Tracking System’ or ‘ATS’, and ‘recruitment software.’ 

Essentially, a recruitment app is a piece of software that streamlines the hiring process in the digital realm and eases the workload on hiring professionals. While It is suitable for small businesses that may make a few hires a year, the recruitment app is also applicable to large organizations that are on the growth and making hundreds or thousands of hiring a year. 

A recruitment app has the ability to handle all of the minor details in the hiring process and keep the organized information on the cloud storage.

Say goodbye to those days where you break a sweat hunting down a lost resume or applicant file. As we are entering the new era of sophisticated AI and software that is powerful enough to assist you with repetitive tasks and let you fully focus on works that require human touch only.  

Why It is Crucial to Use a Recruitment App Today?

It is logical to raise a question before adding new pieces to your company, whether it be a new staff member, new policy, or a new piece of software. Necessity is the most important aspect to consider.  

When it comes to integrating a recruitment app to the core of your organization, its efficiency and ability will assure you that this convenient piece of software is a necessary part of modern companies. 

Time Efficiency

The term ‘efficiency’ keeps flying around our faces these days. But what is real efficiency? Everyone wants to be able to get things done quickly, with minimal effort, and with an excellent final product. But in some cases, excellent outcomes could not be achieved in a short amount of time. Had Leonardo Da Vinci rushed his brush on a canvas, Mona Lisa would not look as magnificent in her famous painting. 

The same goes for the hiring processes. It takes time for recruiters to find the right candidates. Reviewing the resumes and credentials of hundreds of applicants is a long and arduous process. Therefore, it is impossible for the recruiters to cut down the time and find quality candidates within a flash. 

This is where the recruitment app can help you. The software is able to cut down on the time devoted to monotonous work and allows recruiters to focus their energy on the tasks that can be best completed by humans, not technology.

Ability to Scale

In any growing company, there are always stumbling blocks. Especially for those who have no experience in scaling a company, it can be particularly difficult to anticipate some of these issues. 

Hiring is also part of the issue for freshly grown organizations. As your company expands, not only will you have to make a number of additions to your existing team, but you have to create new job positions as well. Each addition is piling up the hiring and interviewing process.  

You can either accept fate and be flooded by a more stressful and time-consuming workload or even expand your recruitment team to support the over increased tasks, or can conveniently get things done with Applicant Tracking System. 

Should you take the harder choice, keep in mind that pushing more work towards your recruitment team could cause them a ‘burnout’ which leads to errors in the hiring process and many more issues.  

What if there is more workforce to take the workload in the recruiting team? Well, adding more staff members is not always the best answer. From a financial perspective, you are spending more than you are supposed to. Once the open positions are filled, these additional workforces are no longer necessary for your company. 

Using a recruitment app, on the other hand, is an affordable option that saves manpower and money. You can let the powerful technology take care of the routine work while you are sweat and stress-free, ready to take on more important tasks. 

The Competitive Labor Market

In many industries, there is a growing feeling of discontent amongst workers. Many employees have left or plan to leave their jobs to pursue what they perceive as better options.

As a result, companies have had to make many concessions that they hadn’t in the past. For example:

  • Many businesses have raised wages significantly for employees of all kinds;
  • Companies are offering flexible work schedules which allow for the choice of remote work (if feasible for the job in question);
  • And companies are generally attempting to make the work environment more attractive for employees.

Keeping these considerations in mind, companies must prioritize the hiring process. Recruiters and hiring managers need to work hard in interviews to identify what the prospective employee is looking for in a job. They need to pay extra attention to any indication of whether or not the applicant is a good or poor candidate. 

Through the use of a recruitment app, companies are able to efficiently rank applicants and determine whether more information is needed before making a hiring decision.

Must-Have Features That a Recruitment App Offers 

While there are many options when it comes to selecting complex software such as an Applicant Tracking System on the market, these are some of the essential features that ATS should possess. 

Intuitive Design

There is no doubt that any new software takes some time to get used to. Hiring managers and recruiters would surely need to spend a few days getting to know their new recruitment app and figure out how it works. But once the initial learning period has passed, recruitment apps shouldn’t be confusing or hard to use. This software should navigate the users through an easier hiring process because, well, that’s the whole point!

Security Measures

When it comes to hiring, many legal processes must be adhered to. This is certainly an issue in which your legal representatives should weigh in and offer advice. But for this article, suffice to say that your recruitment app needs to be compliant with all hiring laws and data privacy concerns.

Customer Service

Even though a recruitment app is supposed to make the recruiter’s job easier, questions will undoubtedly come up throughout the process of learning to use an Applicant Tracking System. When these questions and concerns do arise, having dedicated customer service professionals available to handle them is critical.

Analytic Capabilities

Whenever a new feature, product, or even staff member is added to a company, it’s important to measure the impact of the new addition. Therefore, a recruitment app should enable recruiters to easily track how well the new system is working for the hiring process. If everything works well and you are seeing great results in attracting and hiring excellent candidates, then keep doing what you’re doing! 

However, If you find that your processes could use some tune-ups, an efficient ATS should be able to offer you a detailed look at what’s not working in your recruitment process and enable you to make changes quickly. 

Ability to Integrate with Other Software

We live in the advanced technology era. Therefore, utilizing multiple software to manage various aspects of your business is the right and the most efficient way to drive you towards success. Your recruitment app should be able to integrate with most, if not all, of the software currently used by your company. There is no reason to have to separate everything into neat little boxes. 

Career Page Builders

Let’s take a look at things from the opposite side for a moment, it’s also important to consider the hiring process from the applicant’s point of view. When they are considering applying for your job, what do they see? Do they see a professional career page with pictures, videos, and compelling writing? Or are there just a few sentences posted with ambiguous words about upward mobility, etc.? Having a recruitment app that makes candidates excited about applying for your job will help your company in more ways than you could ever imagine. 

Team Collaboration

By utilizing cloud technology, collaboration is easier than ever. Everyone involved with the hiring process is able to instantaneously access the important documents, make changes or recommendations, and have an active role in the recruitment strategy. There is no need to isolate workers and risk having errors in the process. Although your team could not be in the same room due to the COVID-19 restrictions and measures or other culminated issues, they can still collaborate and efficiently get the job done through a well-designed recruitment app.

Linkedin integration

In search of your right candidates, LinkedIn is one of the most recommended sites to explore. However, reading through each potential candidate’s profile to make a basic assessment is quite a time-consuming activity already, let alone copying all that information to your candidate database. An efficient ATS such as Manatal’s can save up an amount of time and trouble by allowing recruiters to search, connect, and extract candidates’ essential information from LinkedIn and easily compare profiles.

AI Matching 

Back in the day, you might have to sing a couple of hail marys to find the right person for the job. Now, matching the perfect candidate can be efficient and easy, thanks to the powerful AI in the recruitment app. Efficient and well-designed ATS memorizes candidates’ information and matches the right talent for the job positions.   

You can’t memorize everything about your candidates. AI matching feature eases your hiring process and allows you to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the right candidates. 

Recruitment App Best Practices

Going through the above list, we hope you have a basic idea of what to look for in an Applicant Tracking System. Now, let’s find out how to best utilize an ATS in your company’s hiring process. 

Clearly Define Your Company’s Needs

Every business, in every industry, is unique. For this reason, hiring processes will never be the same across different companies. You need to take some time and review the strengths and limitations of your current hiring process before deciding on purchasing a recruitment app. What are you currently doing that is taking up most of your time and energy in regards to the hiring process? Are you having trouble managing all of the information flowing in from the batch of many qualified candidates? These questions and many more should be the first thing in your mind while you look for the perfect Applicant Tracking System.

Request a Demonstration Before Signing Up for a Recruitment App

 You may already be familiar with applicant tracking software. However, it is always helpful to see a new system in action first so you can fully grasp the capabilities of the software. At the very least, the demo will provide a refreshing touch for recruiters if they haven’t been using a recruitment app in a while. 

Train All Concerned Parties on How to Use the Software

While recruiters are likely to be the ones using and getting the most out of the recruitment software, many concerned parties need to be aware of how your recruitment app works as well. It never hurts to provide a training session for more employees, but it can hurt companies in the long run if their training didn’t include enough of the essential workers.

It’s important to reiterate the necessity of having superlative recruiters and hiring professionals on deck. Although recruitment apps can do many things, keep in mind that they are no substitute for the human element in the hiring work. You need to have good people who can ask the right questions to candidates and make sharp follow-ups, based on their answers. 

With such advanced technology, it’s easy to forget about the necessity of human interaction. However, there is no reason to choose between great recruiters and recruitment apps; both are essential for hiring processes that lead to the success of a company as a whole.

Why Should You Select Manatal for Your Recruitment App?

When you’re sifting through the many choices available for your recruitment software, it is likely that you will find a bunch of excellent options. However, Manatal provides anything and everything that your company may need regarding the recruitment process.

It can be rather tricky to find quality candidates these days. Beyond just finding good potential candidates, it is equally difficult to identify employees who are going to be consistent and useful additions to a company’s structure.

With Manatal, you’ll have access to cloud-based services, state-of-the-art technology, and the ability to collaborate across your entire company. Quite simply, our goal is to simplify the hiring process for companies and all parties involved through the use of intuitive software.  

Manatal saw a problem in the recruitment industry and recognized that the solution lay in the use of the best available technology. There is no reason, with our current technological capabilities, that we should be limited in our recruitment process. There can and should be a better way to hire great candidates, and Manatal believes they have found the answer.

Beyond the superlative service Manatal offers, you’ll also enjoy the incredibly affordable pricing options available. With Manatal, you have three main options when it comes to payment:

  1. 1. The Professional Plan for $15.00/month. For smaller operations, this is the perfect recruitment app plan that won’t break the bank. The plan includes as many as 15 jobs per account, unlimited hiring managers, and so much more. 
  2. 2. The Enterprise Plan for $35.00/month. Growing companies and middle-to-large operations may consider the Enterprise Plan. This package includes unlimited candidates, hiring managers, and jobs for a very reasonable price. 
  3. 3. The Custom Plan. Those that need a specifically tailored plan for their company’s needs may elect to go with the Custom Plan. This plan includes everything available in the Enterprise Plan with other customized features. Contact our sales team now to discuss your custom plan and iron out the details that will best serve your company.

Manatal has devised a way for recruiters, managers, and everyone else involved in the hiring process to spend more time vetting and getting to know clients, and less time performing agonizing, repetitive tasks each day. By leveraging the best available applicant tracking software, your company’s growth will be easy to manage. Start your free trial today!

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